Amnesty Champion Luis Gutierrez Leaving Chicago for Puerto Rico

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Open borders advocate Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is moving to Puerto Rico next year to help rebuild the island devastated by Hurricane Maria last fall.

“I was born in Chicago. I love Chicago. Chicago and I, we have a bond there,” said fondly of the island both his parents hail from.

Gutierrez, who now spends a chunk of his time helping his daughter Jessica’s bid for Chicago’s 30th Ward alderman, plans to move to Puerto Rico after her race is over.

“I am first and foremost a father,” the Illinois lawmakers told the Chicago Sun-Times on Saturday. “For 30 years, I put public office, right, first and foremost. And so I am going to put my daughter and her campaign first and foremost.”

“So I have really trimmed back commitments, speaking engagements and commitments across the country because I’m going to be living in Chicago starting Labor Day through Feb. 26, and I intend to help Jessica, my daughter, in her campaign,” the pro-amnesty Congressman added.

Gutierrez, who in 1992 became the first Latino elected to the House of Representatives, is set to vacate his seat in January. The lawmaker announced last November he would not seek re-election — a move widely seen as a blow to the Democratic Party’s immigration reform efforts.

Breitbart News’ Neil Munro wrote in November:

In 2013 and 2014, Gutierrez was the leading Democratic pushing for House approval of the unpopular “Gang of Eight” amnesty-and-cheap-labor act.

For example, he worked closely with Rep. Paul Ryan to fashion a secret amnesty bill — even though the amnesty push was so unpopular that it cost Chuck Schumer nine Democratic seats plus the Senate majority in November 2014.

His departure will have a big impact on Chicago politics, likely diverting a local Hispanic candidate for mayor into the House of Congress.

Gutierrez, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, has previously denounced the President as “explicitly racist” who refuses to view “people of color” as “fellow human beings.”



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