Pranksters Plant ‘Pot’ into Wyoming City’s Potted Plants

pot plants

City workers in a Wyoming town had to do some “weeding” after a few pranksters planted some pot into the community’s potted plants.

City officials in Powell, Wyoming, first spotted the marijuana leaves growing in the city’s potted plants in late June while they were tending to the plants and notified the police, the Powell Tribune reported.

“They recognized what it was once everything started to leaf out,” Eckerdt told the Powell Tribune on Thursday. “As soon as I heard that I went out and checked all the plants in front of the PD to make sure there weren’t any [marijuana plants] in any of ours.”

Eckerdt said he thinks the pranksters placed the marijuana seeds in the city’s flower pots in the spring.

City Parks and Recreation Superintendent Del Barton said the two employees weeded out two of the suspicious plants and brought them to authorities.

Barton told the Casper Star-Tribune that at first, authorities wondered if the plants were marijuana or hemp.

“To be honest with you, and to be fair, without having a marijuana field testing kit, I can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana,” Barton said. When the workers found a third plant a few days later, they began to realize there may be more popping up throughout the city.

Eckerdt, for his part, chalked off the “pot” plants as “somebody’s sense of humor.” But he took the workers’ claims seriously.

When he learned that marijuana had been sprouting up in flower pots all over the city, he immediately checked the flower pots outside the police station for traces of weed.


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