NBC: Progressives Try to Create ‘Gender Fluid’ Children

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A small number of pro-transgender parents are trying to prevent their young boys and girls from learning the basic cultural and biological facts needed to navigate puberty and adulthood, according to NBC news.

The effort to deny the children any parental guidance before their teenage years is portrayed by NBC as a noble effort to liberate children from biology:

‘Boy or girl?’ Parents raising ‘theybies’ let kids decide: One way of shielding children from gender stereotypes: Keep their biological sex secret.

The NBC article champions the transgender ideology’s claim that people are free to choose their sex — as if young boys can become girls by declaring they feel like a girl, or as if young girls can become men by wishing it to be so. The article begins:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Three-year-old twins Zyler and Kadyn Sharpe scurried around the boys and girls clothing racks of a narrow consignment store filled with toys. Zyler, wearing rainbow leggings, scrutinized a pair of hot-pink-and-purple sneakers. Kadyn, in a T-Rex shirt, fixated on a musical cube that flashed colorful lights. At a glance, the only discernible difference between these fraternal twins is their hair — Zyler’s is brown and Kadyn’s is blond.

Is Zyler a boy or a girl? How about Kadyn? That’s a question their parents, Nate and Julia Sharpe, say only the twins can decide. The Cambridge, Mass., couple represent a small group of parents raising “theybies” — children being brought up without gender designation from birth. A Facebook community for these parents currently claims about 220 members across the U.S.

“A theyby is, I think, different things to different people,” Nate Sharpe told NBC News. “For us, it means raising our kids with gender-neutral pronouns — so, ‘they,’ ‘them,’ ‘their,’ rather than assigning ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘him,’ ‘her’ from birth based on their anatomy.”

But there are huge risks caused by the parents’ selfish effort to deny their children the knowledge that they must prepare to be a boy or a girl in a society of boys and girls, men and women. One example of the damage is provided by a young woman who was shocked when her developing female body meant she could no see herself as just like the boys:

I renounced my connection to womanhood and what I shared with my sisters, I sealed away important parts of myself. I thought I was turning away from the hurt that came from being seen as a woman by men …  [sex-switching hormones and surgery] was supposed to fix things. That’s what I believed and that’s what doctors told my parents. I was 16 when I started hormone blockers, then testosterone. I was 17 when I had a double mastectomy.

The author is a young lesbian, who subsequently quit the transgender ideology — sometimes described as “detransitioned” — and returned to living as a lesbian woman. According to the 4thwavenow.com website which posted the essay:

Max Robinson is a 20-year-old lesbian who recently detransitioned after 4 years of hormone replacement therapy. She underwent a double mastectomy at age 17, performed by plastic surgeon Curtis Crane in San Francisco. Max reports that her gender therapist wrote letters verifying the immediate medical necessity of these treatments.

The 4thwavenow.com website posts essays and personal commentaries critical of the transgender ideology’s demand that biology has nothing to do with a person’s sex, which pro-transgender activists also insist be renamed as “gender.” The site includes pleas from parents for help in getting their teenagers away from pro-transgender propaganda:

I almost cried when I discovered this site today. It has been like living in a nightmare. My son announced that he was transgender about three years ago. No indication of any problems as a child other then he was always the nerdy brainy boy that the other kids made fun of. I felt that he might suffer from high-functioning autism but never wanted to label him because he was so high functioning- brilliant in fact. Several years ago his best friend committed suicide and my son spiraled into a deep angry depression. We sent him to professionals for help. A few years later he informs us that he is transgender. I am a physician which makes this all the more frustrating because I can’t get anyone to acknowledge that this new found transgenderism could be a function of his depression. Apparently I am a bigot for not wanting to accept that my son is now a girl. The psychiatrists and psychologists have all focused their attention an making him a girl and I am literally dying. So happy to find a group of people who understand the torment. Is this a group that I sign up for or do people just tune in and follow along?


This reality of the two distinct, equal, complementary, overlapping and different sexes is dismissed as a “gendered world”  by the NBC author:

Some developmental experts gender-open parenting as a noble goal, but they also wonder how it will hold up once kids enter a gendered world that can be hostile to those who don’t fit clearly into categories.

The NBC author wants a world where people can be “gender fluid” instead of being either female or male, praising “Progressive parents, who see their child’s gender as fluid rather than binary.”

The NBC author lets a few skeptics get to say the obvious — that boys are boys and girls are girls, regardless of whether the adults are heterosexual or homosexual — and gives the last word to the pro-transgender parent of another pair of children who insists that biology is a form of bullying:

“In my opinion,” Dennis said, “assigning your child a gender and giving them gender-coded lessons their whole life is much more coercive than what we do.”


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