Delingpole: Trump Is Right, the Greenies Are Lying – Patrick Moore Did Co-Found Greenpeace

A grafiti by street artist TVBoy shows a scene of famous Italian movie 'La Dolce Vita' with actors Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, on November 14, 2017 in Rome. This initiative of environmental NGO Greenpeace with the street artist Tvboy is part of the campaign 'Clean Air Now' to denounce …

President Trump has tweeted in support of Greenpeace co-founder turned arch climate skeptic Patrick Moore.

So naturally, the Climate Industrial Complex has responded as only it knows how.

Not, of course, by trying to refute Moore’s arguments. (That would be tricky: the truth is that there is no climate crisis and the great global warming scare is Fake Science)…

…but by trying to airbrush Moore out of Greenpeace’s history by claiming that he was not one of the founders of the organisation.

There’s just one problem with Greenpeace’s lie. It’s a lie.

But then, lying is what Greenpeace does best. It’s a great big green lie machine.

For further details you should read the fascinating report produced for the Heartland Institute, co-authored by Moore, which dissects Greenpeace’s lie-driven business model. Greenpeace makes stuff up because that’s how it generates the environmental scare stories – the current one being plastic pollution – which persuade the gullible to contribute to its $400 million per annum budget.

This is why Moore left Greenpeace. Not because he stopped caring about the environment – but because he cared so much about it that he couldn’t bear to be associated any more with an organisation which was simply exploiting the environment in order to advance a left wing agenda.

This is also the reason why Greenpeace keeps trying to disappear Moore from the honor roll of co-founders.

Tragically for Greenpeace, the internet never forgets


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