Greenpeace Complains China Is Approving More Coal Plants

Environmentalist group Greenpeace on Wednesday became one of the few green organizations to complain about China’s titanic consumption of carbon-spewing coal, even as the Chinese government claims it will begin reducing its emissions in 2030 and become “carbon-neutral” in 2060.

This picture shows the coal-powered Datang International Zhangjiakou Power Station in Zhan

Video: Joaquin Phoenix, Norman Lear Join Jane Fonda for Climate Change Protests in L.A.

Jane Fonda is back and she’s still wearing her red overcoat. The left-wing Hollywood actress and activist has revived her series of climate change protests. But instead of snarling traffic in Washington D.C., she has brought her boisterous brand of environmental activism to downtown Los Angeles, where she and her supporters set up camp Friday morning in front of City Hall.

Jane Fonda leads a Fire Drill Fridays rally, calling for action to address climate change

Delingpole: Boris Johnson and the Green Death

In the days before Doctor Who got woke and went broke, there was a famous storyline in which the Doctor faced gigantic maggots spewing deadly radioactive green slime. Just like George Monbiot, the maggots lived in Wales.

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 16: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson …