A handful of protesters showed up on Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court to show support for 21 young people who in 2015 filed a lawsuit against the federal government for ignoring climate change allegedly caused by fossil fuels and denying youth their constitutional right to a stable environment.

Watch – Protesters: Feds Allowed Climate Change to Deny Youth Constitutional Rights

A handful of protesters showed up on Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court to show support for 21 young people who in 2015 filed a lawsuit against the federal government. They claimed it was ignoring climate change allegedly caused by fossil fuels and denying youth their constitutional right to a stable environment.

Polar Bear (Bernd / AFP / Getty)

Delingpole: The Ugly Truth About that Dying Polar Bear

Have you seen the footage of that dying polar bear yet? It’s sad. Very sad. You can see why it has gone viral and been all over the media from the Mail (“soul-crushing footage”) to CBC to the Washington Post (“we stood there crying”).


Fireworks Detonated at French Nuclear Plant By Green Activists

PARIS (AP) – Eight environmental have broken into a French nuclear power station and set off fireworks to urge better protection for nuclear waste and protest France’s dependence on atomic energy. Utilite EDF insisted that the stunt Thursday by Greenpeace

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July 12 Day of Action for ‘Net Neutrality’ Morphing into ‘Battle for the Net’

On Wednesday, July 12, Net Neutrality advocates are planning a corporate “Day of Action” for online lobbying against President Donald Trump’s efforts to roll back the Obama administration’s policy. The effort is morphing into a 24-hour rage featuring 50,000 groups joining “hacktivist” wolf packs to fight Trump online.

Will Happer

‘Global Warming is Good’ Says President Trump’s Science Guru

If you want to know why President-elect Donald Trump is going to be so great not just for America but also for the causes of honest science, common sense, and weapons-grade trolling, look no further than his gloriously provocative recent meeting with William Happer, the Princeton physicist who argues (rightly, by the way) that ‘global warming’ is good for mankind.


OK Everyone: Your Chance To Salt The Slug Of Ocean Acidification

Somewhere in an environmental science department at some cruddy university not far from you, a bunch of otherwise unemployable marine biology graduates are working on yet another paper demonstrating that Ocean Acidification is a really serious problem which can only

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Philippines: Duterte Says No to ‘Stupid,’ ‘Absurd’ Climate Change Deal

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has stated he will not abide by the Paris Agreement, an international climate change pact, calling the deal “stupid” and “absurd,” and accusing developed countries of “imposing” on less wealthy states after having committed their own share of environmental atrocities.


Greenpeace Named in a Civil RICO Suit

When the name Resolute was chosen in 2011, after the merger of Bowater and Abitibi-Consolidated, the Canadian company likely didn’t know what a harbinger it was. Today, the leader in the forest products industry and the largest producer of newsprint in the world stands alone, set in purpose, with firmness and determination. Displaying the rare courage to stand up to the typical environmental extremist campaign of misinformation and shaming designed to shut it down, Resolute Forest Products fights back.


Greenpeace Releasing Secret Documents On Contested EU-US TTIP Deal

Greenpeace on Sunday said it was in possession of leaked documents showing that a planned huge free trade deal between the United States and the European Union poses “major risks for climate, environment and consumer safety”. The campaign group said


IN PICTURES: Greenpeace ‘Fracks’ On Parliament Square

Greenpeace activists took to Westminster’s Parliament Square in the heart of London this morning to protest against hydraulic fracturing – a relatively new method of extracting gas from the Earth which has gone a long way to lowering energy prices


Patrick Moore Reports ‘Enemy of the State’ Greenpeace to the FBI

Patrick Moore has reported Greenpeace–the charity he co-founded in the 1970s–to the FBI for what he claims are a series of offences, including “outright breach of the RICO, wire-fraud, witness-tampering and obstruction-of-committee statutes.”

India Greenpeace

Grab An Onion And Weep For Humanity: India Just Outlawed Greenpeace

The Indian government has just outlawed Greenpeace. Naturally, Greenpeace are spinning this as a terrible injustice and a blow for freedom of speech. “This is an extension of the deep intolerance for differing viewpoints that sections of this government seem

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China Shows How Much It Cares About Climate Change: With A Single, Upraised Finger

China has shown the world how much it truly cares about global warming by burning significantly more dirty, carbon-unfriendly coal than it previously pretended. According to shock data  released, without fanfare, by China’s statistical agency, its coal use has been about 17 per cent higher per


Greenpeace Exploits Cancer Sufferers Diagnosis to Attack Nuclear Energy

Greenpeace campaigners have jumped on the cancer diagnosis of a worker at the Fukushima nuclear power plant as proof that nuclear power isn’t safe, issuing statements describing his diagnosis as a “massive blow” to the industry. But cancer specialists have


Greenpeace Founder: Let’s Celebrate CO2

Following his interview with Breitbart London, Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore addressed the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London last night, telling them why he left the environmentalist group and became sceptical of man-made global warming. Here is his speech:

Canada's parliament on May 7, 2015 in Ottawa. AFP PHOTO MICHEL COMTE

American Export To Canada: Left-Wing Advocacy

The Ford, Tides, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation have granted tens of millions of dollars to left-wing political agitation groups in Canada in recent years. The beneficiary groups vary in their focuses of public policy prescriptions. The ostensible objectives of these groups, as indicated by their self-descriptions, include advocacy for “clean energy transition,” “ecological and equitable choices,” “restor(ing) and preservin(ing) the environment,” “social, economic, and environmental justice” and “indigenous sovereignty.”


‘Strategic Repeal’ Ends North Texas City’s Fracking Ban

Governor Greg Abbott may have signed the legislation that rendered a highly publicized North Texas city’s fracking ban null and void, but its city council met to vote on a “strategic repeal” of the environmental lobby-backed ordinance that remained on the city’s books, one that is embroiled in lawsuits.

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The Inconvenient Truth: Greenpeace Tries To Bury Fracking Bad News

A survey commissioned by environmental group Greenpeace has spectacularly backfired as it revealed that more people support fracking than oppose it. The group, supported by Green party MP Caroline Lucas, tried to bury the inconvenient result of the report in