CNN Reporters Still Lingering Outside Mueller’s Office

Members of the press wait outside one of the office buildings used by independent prosecut

CNN reporters are still lingering outside special counsel Robert Mueller’s office even after Mueller wrapped up his investigation into allegations of Russian government collusion with Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign on Friday.

The reporters— who have been documenting their days spent lounging around outside Mueller’s office for several months using the hashtag #CNNstakeout— are refusing to budge from their positions so they can document Mueller’s every move.

CNN’s crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted Monday morning that he spotted the special counsel “reporting to work”— presumably tying up loose ends— even as staffers in the Mueller probe were spotted carrying boxes outside of the office all last week.

CNN has not only spent valuable time documenting Mueller’s every move but has also spent a good amount of time penning tweets about Attorney General Bill Barr’s habits.

CNN senior justice correspondent Evan Pérez tweeted Sunday evening that Barr, after he released his four-page summary of the Mueller report, attended mass at a nearby Washington, DC, church:

And in the week leading up to the Mueller report release, Prokupecz and Pérez resorted to tweeting about Mueller’s fashion choices:

CNN’s Brian Stelter recently defended his organization’s media coverage of Mueller’s investigation on a Sunday episode of Reliable Sources, saying that “speculation” is just as valuable as providing news to the public:

“But here’s the thing — Speculation actually has value too. It helps open our eyes and our minds to what’s possible,” Stelter said.

“I know people like to mock cable news in moments like this. It’s an easy punch line, right? We are standing by to find out what the news is going to be — waiting for AG Barr to tell us something. But that does have value too,” he added.


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