Kirsten Gillibrand: Trump Has ‘Torn Apart the Moral Fabric’ of America

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took a shot at President Donald Trump on Thursday during the second night of the Democrat presidential debates held in Miami, Florida, saying he has “torn at the moral fabric” of America.

“One of the worst things about President Trump that he has done to this country is he’s torn apart the moral fabric of who we are,” Gillibrand claimed. “When he started separating children at the border from their parents, the fact that seven children have died in his custody, the fact that dozens of children have been separated from their parents and they have no plan to reunite them.”

“First I would fight for comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship,” Gillibrand continued. “Second I would reform how we treat asylum seekers at the border. I would have a community-based treatment center, where you’re doing within the communities.”

Gillibrand went on to say asylum seekers “would be given lawyers” and “real immigration judges” in the community-based centers created under her leadership.

She added, “The worst thing President Trump has done is he has diverted the funds away from cross border terrorism, cross border human trafficking, drug trafficking, and gun trafficking and he’s given that money to for-profit prisons…”

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