WSJ/NBC Poll: Healthcare for Illegals ‘Least Popular’ Policy in 2020 Race

Migrants, most of whom are part of a recently arrived caravan, stand in line for breakfast
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The most unpopular position in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary is a policy forcing American taxpayers to provide free healthcare for 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States, a new survey reveals.

According to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, when all American voters are asked to rank 12 policies from best to worst, a plan to provide taxpayer-funded healthcare to all illegal aliens — endorsed by Democrat front-runners like Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — ranks as the least popular among the bunch.

The Journal notes:

Of 12 policy ideas tested in the poll, providing government-sponsored health care to undocumented immigrants was the least popular among the broader electorate, with 62% rejecting it. In a June Democratic debate, all 10 candidates on the stage, including Messrs. Biden and Sanders, raised their hands when asked who backed the idea. In the new survey, it was supported by 64% of Democratic primary voters but only 36% of voters overall. [Emphasis added]

As Breitbart News estimated, providing free healthcare to every illegal alien in the U.S. would cost up to $66 billion a year or $660 billion over a decade to American taxpayers. Already, Americans are forced to subsidize illegal aliens’ medical costs to the sum of almost $20 billion a year.

The Urban Institute’s Linda Blumberg, a health insurance expert, told the New York Times that such a policy providing free healthcare for every foreign national who crosses the U.S.-Mexico border or overstays a visa would drive a migration of “people with serious health problems” to the country.

Similar polls conducted in recent months found that American anywhere between 60 to 63 percent of swing voters oppose offering free healthcare to illegal aliens, as well as 55 to 59 percent of all U.S. voters.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of 900 registered voters was conducted between September 13 and 16 with a margin of error of +/- 3.27 percentage points.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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