U.S. Farmers Back Trump: Federal Aid Has ‘Been a Godsend’ in Trade War

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

American farmers are backing President Trump in the United States’ trade war with China, calling the president’s billions in federal aid to farmers “a godsend.”

In May, in the midst of trade negotiations with China, Trump announced he would deliver $16 billion in federal aid to American farmers to help them through the battle’s strain on the industry. Democrats have sought to block the aid and 2020 Democrats running for president have blasted the bailout.

Those farmers, in interviews with CNN, said the move by Trump was vital for their livelihoods:

“At this point, we’ve gone this far, we want to make sure we get a good deal,” said Iowa farmer Grant Kimberley, who also serves as director of market development at the Iowa Soybean Association. [Emp

We’d rather have trade than aid. But it’s been a godsend to have that, otherwise things would look pretty ugly,” said Kimberley. [Emphasis added]

“The latest round of trade aid to farmers provides critical support,” said Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall in a statement this week, adding that a “further delay in reaching an agreement would make it hard for struggling farmers to hold on in the face of rising bankruptcy rates.” [Emphasis added]

Other American farmers interviewed were frustrated with U.S.-China trade relations and are hoping for some kind of resolution soon. Illinois farmer Evan Hultine, for instance, said the federal aid from Trump is major, but he believes the trade dispute is dragging on for too long now.

Pennsylvania farmer Bill Boyd said he feels the administration is “backstabbing” the folks who got him elected, but admitted that the Democrats are no better.

“Unless [Democrats] come up with a better alternative, I am going to vote for [Trump] again,” Boyd told CNN.

A Farm Journal Pulse Poll in October revealed that support for Trump among American farmers has jumped hugely. Trump’s approval rating with farmers stands at about 76 percent as of September — a five-point increase since August and an overall 12-point increase for those saying they “strongly support” the president.

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