Tom Steyer Vows to ‘Declare State of Emergency’ on Climate Crisis


Democrat presidential candidate and billionaire Tom Steyer once again vowed to declare a state of emergency over the climate “crisis” America faces during the sixth Democrat presidential debate at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

“I am hoping, that we, in fact, that we will do what I am suggesting that we do, which is declare a state of emergency on day one of my presidency,” Steyer said in regards to the relocation of families under certain living conditions in America.

“I believe I am the only person here who will say unequivocally this is my number one priority,” Steyer continued. “I know that we have to deal with this crisis. I know that we have to deal with it from the standpoint of environmental justice.”

Steyer then claimed he had previously “taken on oil companies and beaten them on environmental laws” and “pushed clean energy across this country.” He also stated that he had “prevented pipelines and fossil fuel plants.”

Steyer then shifted focus to cleaning “up the air and water in the black and brown communities where our pollution is concentrated” and claimed it would create “millions of middle-class union jobs.”

Steyer also called on Mayor Pete Buttigieg, another Democrat presidential hopeful, to put more emphasis on climate change, saying the “people in his generation understand that this is a crisis that we have to go on right now” and “reinvent America.”

In addition to what he plans to do in regards to climate change, Steyer also stated at a previous Democrat debate that he would “force” American towns to accept new, affordable housing in certain areas.

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