Pro-Life Activist Blasts Supporters of Abortion Clinics Profiting from ‘Demise of Women’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Alex Seghers, the Director of Education for Louisiana Right to Life, attended the Protect Women Protect Life rally outside of the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday where she blasted those who support abortion clinics profiting from the “demise of women.”

“I have something to say as a Louisiana woman,” Seghers said. “Today, we are shedding a blinding spotlight over all of their attempts to keep in the dark these abusive health violations, their dangerous for-profit motive, and the brave Louisiana women stories.”

“This law, the Unsafe Abortions Protection Act, was written by women, in our very own Louisiane Right to Life office, for women and has been defended by women in the courts” Seghers continued. “Empowered women empower women.”

Seghers also spoke directly to those clinics currently performing abortions in Louisiana, saying her message is “not about closing you,” but instead she hopes she wants them to have “the decency” to admit that what they “claim to be women’s health to be upheld by a lick of basic health standards”:

We look forward to the day that all unborn babies will be protected by law and welcomed with love. And Abortion advocates, while you’re keeping abortion legal, we are also fighting for the day that your bloody profits are not gained through the danger and demise of the women walking into your doors. Until that day comes, you are too incompetent, you are too unsafe. You need to step aside.

Seghers also made clear that it was not the job of an abortion facility to speak for women.

“You do not deserve to speak on behalf of Louisiana women,” Seghers concluded. “It’s 2020. Women can speak for ourselves.”

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