Black Georgia State Trooper to Protesters: I Only Kneel for God

A Georgia State Trooper is making the rounds on social media after telling Black Lives Matter protests that he only kneels for God. The Trooper’s remark came in the wake of police officers and Democrat lawmakers taking a knee during nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd.

The Trooper, identified as O’Neal Saddler, was asked to take a knee at a protest Hartwell, George, according to a video shared to Facebook by Ni’Rubyan Photography

“If I didn’t have any respect, I wouldn’t [be here],” Saddler told the protesters. “I was supposed to be out of town this weekend with my wife. I took off today, this weekend, but I’m out here to make sure y’all are safe.”

“Don’t go there, with respect, okay? I have much respect, but I only kneel for one person,” he added.

“And that’s God,” a demonstrator interjected.

That’s “God,” Saddler replied.

Video of the exchange was posted to Twitter by Students For Trump founder Ryan Fournier on Sunday and has garnered 16,700 retweets and 45,700 likes. 

Over the weekend, Police Chief John Walcek from Lowell, Massachusetts, refused to kneel with protesters, despite chants telling him to “take a knee.”


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