Portland Rioters Target ICE Building: ‘Goal Right Now Is to Disrupt the Peace’

A federal officers reads the words Fuck Feds written in graffiti on the front of the Immig
Nathan Howard/Getty Images

The nightly violent riots that have transpired for nearly three months continued overnight in Portland, Oregon, where three people were arrested as rioters targeted the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in that city while chanting “Abolish Police” and “No KKK.”

Police declared an illegal assembly at ICE headquarters there, according to Oregon Live:

“The goal right now is to disrupt the peace,” said Erandi Jones-Vega, 17, addressing the crowd from the bed of a blue Chevy pickup leading the march as it wound through the neighborhood. “If you’re here right now you need to be loud. You need to be exhausted. Because we’re exhausted.”

Among the chants heard on the route: “My neck. My back. We gonna take these streets back,” and “No cops. No KKK no fascist USA.”

Signs included: “Reparations,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Abolish Police” and “Silence Perpetuates Violence.”

“Antifa are disabling cameras at the ICE facility in Portland tonight and spray painting the front. Some are pounding on the glass doors,” journalist Andy Ngo reported on Twitter. “They’re ignoring the many verbal commands to stop. #PortlandRiots #antifa”:

Police reported a dumpster fire in the middle of a street and said that rioters threw rocks, cones, glass bottles, and paint balloons at officers. Some also shined green lasers at police.

“On Thursday police released information that showed during more than 80 nights of protests in Portland authorities declared a riot more than 17 times and arrested more than 500 people,” the Associated Press reported.

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