Watch: Chicago BLM Activists Stomp on Pig-Cop Pinatas, Scream at Residents, Twerk in Protest

Pig Pinaata, Chigago

Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets in Chicago Saturday to demonstrate in several controversial ways, chanting in residential areas, stomping on piñatas of pigs dressed as cops, and twerking to Cardi B’s explicit single “WAP,” several videos show.

Protesters gathered outside Whitney Young Magnet High School to call for defunding the police and removing school resource officers. However, several videos showed protesters taking their actions a step further, holding what appeared to be piñatas of pig heads wearing police hats on sticks.

“Defund, divest, throw those pigs in a well, the whole damn system is guilty as hell,” protesters chanted as they marched:

One video showed a large group of protesters shouting to two individuals looking down on them from a residential building. At one point, the two could be seen raising their hands.

“They looking at us. Bring your ass down here. Look at them just looking at us,” a woman said through a megaphone before leading the crowd in the chant, “Black people used to live here.” At one point, the woman also told the crowd that the police are “hunting” black people:

Videos also showed protesters beating and stomping on the pig-cop piñatas. Another featured a female demonstrator twerking to Cardi B’s explicit single “WAP”:

The protest follows a night of mass looting and criminal activity that rocked the Windy City less than two weeks ago.

Black Lives Matter activists held a rally following the night of brazen criminal activity, some of which was livestreamed, to stand in solidarity with those who were arrested. One BLM activist defended looting as a form of “reparations.”

All the while, violence continues to soar in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) city, with two dozen people wounded and three dead from shootings over this weekend alone.


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