Black Trump Supporters: ‘We’re the Rebels! You Wanna be Cool, Come Join Our Cause’

Black Trump Supporters
WZW 11 News

A group of black Trump supporters lit up a recent Freedom Rally protest in Beverly Hills, California.

One man, dubbed “MAGA Hulk” challenged some counter-protesters to explain how President Trump is racist. They could not.

“I’ve seen him quoted saying some racist shit about black people,” the counter protester said.

“Like what?” MAGA Hulk, who goes by @RealMAGAHulk on Twitter, demanded.

When the man didn’t answer, MAGA Hulk said, “Nothing! You got nothing!”

“They can’t answer the question because they don’t have facts on their side. They don’t have any facts. They don’t do research. They don’t do any type of higher learning when it comes to what they believe,” he said.

“I believe the (Black Lives Matter) movement is fake,” Instagram user @Lucas_the_Abstract said.

“It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people,” he continued, as his compatriots agreed.

“Their main goal is to break up the patriarchal, like nuclear family. They want the men removed out of the family, which is what Democrats want also,” he told the WZW reporter.

“If BLM really cared about black lives, why would it be solely isolated to incidents where a black life is taken at the hands of a white cop?” he asked. “That happens less than one percent.”

He then likened BLM’s priorities to being in a “horrific accident.”

“I have a massive head wound, I have a leg fracture, and a scratch on my finger. And here come the first responders, and they want to tend to the scratch on my finger. And I’m telling you, ‘What about the wound on my head? What about my fractured leg?’ That’s what the BLM movement is,” he said.

“They’re tending to the scratch on my finger, and that’s not even what it’s about,” Lucas added.

“If you want to help us, let us tell you how you can help us. Don’t come in and tell us how you want to help us and don’t tell me that I’m oppressed because I’m not oppressed,” he continued.

“I’m a proud black American. I’m not oppressed,” he declared as the others shouted in approval.

“I’m one of the freest persons in this world,” he said.

“I kneel for no man. I only kneel to God,” another said.

“As you can see, black conservatism is the new punk rock,” Nick Cunningham said, who goes by @kickcunningham_ on Twitter.

“We’re the rebels! You wanna be cool, come join our cause,” MAGA Hulk said.

They all declared they were voting for Donald Trump in the election.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. He is also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,” syndicated on Michigan radio stations on weekends. Listen to segments on YouTube or download full podcast episodes. Follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook, and follow him on Parler.


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