Nolte: 6 Things We Learned From Queen Pelosi’s Wash and Blowout

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talks to reporters during a news conference in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center August 13, 2020 in Washington, DC. Pelosi highlighted the differences between House Democrats and the Trump Administration in their negotiations over coronavirus relief legislation, saying, "We're miles apart in our …
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was caught red-handed patronizing a San Francisco hair salon on August 31 for a wash and blowout.

Her visit was a direct violation of a whole lot of San Francisco’s coronavirus restrictions.

First off, salons are not supposed to be doing business. They are supposed to be closed until Joe Biden is president.

Secondly, Queen Pelosi was indoors without a mask.

Finally, blowouts are a big no-no. The city’s department of health specifically states that salons should “consider temporarily eliminating services that require lengthy blow-drying.”

After getting caught, Queen Pelosi released a statement that said, Did you bitchez forget I’m the Queen? I not only got me a wash and blowout, during the blowout I ate a whole $99 pint of Ben & Jerry’s — a new flavor called Do You Know Who I Am!? During the wash, I got my boys Fredo Cuomo, Jim Kenney, and  Bill de Blasio on the line so we could laugh at how rules are for little people.

Okay, I made all that up.

The statement she released was worse.

She blamed the salon. She blamed a working stiff. You believe that?

I do.

Hell yes, I do.

She claimed she didn’t know salons are supposed to be closed … in her own city.

She didn’t explain why she — the same she calling for a nationwide mask mandate — was indoors without a mask.

Explanations are for little people.

So, what have we learned from Her Majesty’s wash and blowout?

  1. You and I Are Second Class Citizens

Sorry, we just are.

They, meaning elites on the left, can do what they want.

We are locked down. We are forced to wear masks. We are quarantined. Many of our small businesses are being completely wiped out, not by a virus, but by Democrats desperate to crash the economy in order to put Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

They do whatever the hell they want.

No one cancels them. No one shames them. No one makes them suffer consequences.

They can run around without masks, spy on a presidential campaigns, riot, burn, loot, even kill.

  1. The Political Media are Useless Palace Guards

I give you a Politico reporter’s response to the Pelosi video:

If you’ve just been handed video proof of the third most powerful person in the country violating the law while caught in a breathtaking act of hypocrisy and elitism, and your first thought is to attack the whistleblower, you’re in the wrong business, cupcake.

  1. Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Believe Masks are Necessary

If Nancy Pelosi — who’s demanding a nationwide mask mandate — believed masks were necessary, she would be wearing a mask in that video.

Nancy Pelosi is 80-years-old and not wearing a mask indoors.

She’s showing you and I what she truly believes — and that’s that this whole mask crusade thing is a lie, is the left-wing elite version of the burka.

  1. Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Believe Business Closures are Necessary

If Nancy Pelosi believed it was unsafe to operate businesses like hair salons, Nancy Pelosi would not have gone to a hair salon.

She obviously believes it’s safe to operate a hair salon, so safe she is 80-years-old and patronized one … without a mask.

  1. Nancy Pelosi Is a Liar

She had no idea hair salons in her own city were supposed to be closed.

Pull the other one. It has bells on it.

  1. Thank God for Citizen Media

The owner of the salon, a freakin’ hero named  Erica Kious, gave this video of Maskless Queen Nancy to Fox News. You see, that was her shuttered salon Maskless Queen Nancy patronized and Kious’s decision to release the video is a piece of journalism more important than anything CNNLOL has done in ten years.

Kious had no choice but to allow Maskless Queen Nancy into her salon. She rents chairs to her stylists, so she cannot tell them no.

God bless her for releasing this video. It reminds me of the end of Elia Kazan’s A Face in the Crowd (1957) when the whole world finally gets a look at the real Lonesome Rhodes.

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