Joe Biden Falsely Claims No Supreme Court Session Before Election

Joe Biden / YouTube

As a reason to delay filling the Supreme Court vacancy, former Vice President Joe Biden falsely claimed on Sunday there is no Court session before the election.

“The United States Constitution was designed to give voters one chance, one chance to have their voice heard (about) who serves on the Court,” Biden said.

“And by the way, there’s no Court session between now and the end of this election,” he said while arguing “the next president” should make the pick.

That is false, as it is tradition that the Supreme Court convenes for a new session every October.

According to the schedule posted on the Supreme Court website, the Court will hold an opening conference on September 29 and hear oral arguments on October 5. The Court will also hear arguments on Election Day itself and for several days prior.

Several outlets that traditionally look the other way on Biden’s errors fact-checked him.

CNN’s Daniel Dale called out Biden for “falsely” making the claim.

Arnie Seipel of NPR issued a similar fact check:

“That’s false,” Seipel of Biden’s statement. “First arguments of the new term, as ever, begin the first Monday in October.”

Johnny Verhovek of ABC News reported the former Senate Judiciary Committee chairman’s claim was not in his prepared text and “appears to have been ad-libbed”:

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