Watch: Democrats Launch Personal Attacks Against Wayne County Republican Canvassers

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Democrats unhappy with the two Republican members on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers launched withering personal attacks during Tuesday night’s meeting after the pair initially declined to certify the November 3 election results.

The board had just deadlocked 2-2 before opening the meeting to public comment. Several of the attendees accused members William Hartmann and Monica Palmer of racism for questioning the disputed tabulation process that took place in Detroit.

Others invoked the canvassers’ children and descendants in a bevy of personal attacks on the two individuals.

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Pastor Edward Pruett claimed Hartmann’s “racist ignorance was showing” because he allegedly picked speakers based on his ability to pronounce their names.

“Your children will be disgusted and I am sad that you have influence over them,” the reverend said.

Meanwhile, a woman named Trische Duckworth struck a similar tone, singling out Monica Palmer.

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“Your racism is very apparent,” she declared, “and I don’t know how you sleep at night. And because this is on the record, Monica, your daughter is going to look at you in disgust because she’s going to know and this is going to affect her because people will ask her, ‘Why is your mother a racist?'”

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Brineda Bradley berated the duo with a similar message.

If your “descendants see this and I hope they are nothing like you. I pray to God they are nothing like you,” she lectured.

She added she hopes Palmer “feels” the barrage “for the rest of her life.”

Another speaker named Liza Bielby also went after them personally.

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“We need to, like, be thinking rationally. The display of racism makes me so ashamed. It makes me ashamed — I’m sorry for your descendants, who will be so ashamed of you,” she said.

“I’m ashamed of you and I’m not even related to you!”

Others questioned Hartmann’s process of selecting speakers.

Judy Neal claimed Hartmann called on people with “white sounding names, assuming they will support your actions.”

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Ashley Daniels attacked Hartmann over his difficulty pronouncing some names.

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“You, Hartmann, are unethical because you have woman issues because you have been silencing women,” she said.

The allegation stemmed from Hartmann at times struggling to unmute speakers during the virtual meeting.

“I have been silenced three times: First, being born as a black woman. Secondly, my vote that you guys did not just certify has been silenced. And thirdly, I’ve been silenced by you, Hartmann,” Daniels said.

“We are gonna come for you all heads.”

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