Rebecca Friedrichs: Teachers Who Refuse to Return to Classroom Should be Fired

Desks sit empty in a public school classroom in a Buenos Aires suburb, Argentina, Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Striking teachers in the Buenos Aires province are demanding a wage increase higher than what is currently being offered by the provincial administration. The strike is in its 11th day, affecting more …
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Former teacher Rebecca Friedrichs had a blunt message this week for educators complaining about returning to their classrooms: Go back or get fired.

Friedrichs, a 28-year veteran of the classroom and former plaintiff in a lawsuit against her union over compulsory dues, told The Kyle Olson Show those who don’t want to work should make way for those “good teachers” who do.

“I think they all need to be fired,” Friedrichs said of teachers in Chicago and other locations where unions have refused to return to the classroom.

“Any teacher who refuses to go to work and to educate the children that they have been paid to serve, needs to be fired. That would end this quickly if we could just fire them all.”

In Chicago, union leaders had threatened to strike if their members are required to return to classroom.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently announced an agreement with the union that would see a staggered return that stretches to March 8, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Sources with the union” told the paper it was a “tentative framework” as opposed to an agreement, signaling union members may still reject it.

“Most great teachers out there want to be back to work. They are very frustrated with this whole situation. Their voices have been silenced by these union,” Friedrichs said.

She told The Kyle Olson Show Lightfoot “owes her position” to the Chicago Teachers Union.

“She as allowed them to strike, she has allowed them to deny students and education for a really long time,” Friedrichs said.

“She has allowed them to bully the people of Chicago,” and she “made a deal with the devil — the teachers unions,” she said.

Friedrichs argued school choice could “make all the difference” for students who are trapped in situations like in Chicago.

“Everybody know if the money follows the child, that makes the most sense,” she said.

“Why not empower parents to choose?”

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