CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Warns: Recall Me, Endanger Joe Biden’s Agenda

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 16: California Gov. Gavin Newsom looks on during a news confer
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As the effort to recall Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom continues, the embattled governor warns such a move will endanger President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Part of the danger, Newsom asserts, is the possibility of a Republican governor replacing Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) — whom he promised to replace with a black woman — if she chooses to retire during his term. No Republican Governor would name a Democrat to replace her, Newsom warned. And that’s not all.

“What’s at stake, potentially, is Joe Biden’s agenda,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The Chronicle reported that could include the Republicans again having a majority in the Senate, which could dash hopes of passing the radical H.R. 1, a bill pitched by Democrats as voting rights legislation, but in reality would allow that Party to dominate the federal government for the foreseeable future.

The report continued:

So does the Democrats’ desire to pass legislation on gun control, police accountability, or immigration. And should another vacancy emerge on the Supreme Court — liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is said to be mulling retirement — that replacement would have to be conservative enough to get through a GOP-led Senate. Ask Merrick Garland about that.

“The Democrats’ majority is as tenuous as you can get. So if you remove one Democrat and you replace her with one Republican, then Republicans get back all the power in the Senate,” said Jessica Taylor, who analyzes the Senate for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

Taylor said Newsom has to get the party’s core voters excited about supporting him in the recall because “this is going to be a game about turnout and he’s got to make sure that voters come out. Because that is how you can lose a special election — if they don’t.”

Taylor agrees Newsom’s recall would resonate on Capitol Hill.

“It would be a huge impediment for Biden to get his agenda through,” she said.

Republican strategist Tim Rosales said in the Chronicle report that, while Newsom could energize California Democrats, it will take more than that to keep him in office.

“For California voters, he will have to point to things that are relevant to daily lives,” Rosales said. “He’s got to make the case on jobs, the economy, and vaccines. Those are the things that will matter to them.”

As Breitbart News reported, despite Newsom’s attempt to derail the recall, the effort to remove him from office is stronger than ever.

Newsom is facing a likely recall, given that opponents have collected over 2 million signatures before the Mar. 17 deadline. They needed 1.5 million to force a recall; hundreds of thousands of additional signatures were collected to ensure the recall effort would survive any challenge to the validity of the signatures submitted to the Secretary of State.

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