WATCH: Activist Supports Looting Businesses: ‘Not Even Close to the Debt America Owes Us’

Protestors stand as mattresses are set on fire in front of the North Precinct Police build

Left-wing activist Kim Brown, who hosts “Burn it Down with Kim Brown” on YouTube, said she supports the looting of American business in the name of racial justice:

“I support all that shit,” Brown says in the video. “I support them looting … Dollar Tree. I support the looting of … Advanced Auto Parts. I remember last year they looted Target. I support all that shit.”

“Loot all that shit,” Brown says. Do you know why? Black people and marginalized and oppressed people could loot every store in this whole fucking country for 200 fucking years — it would not even come close to the debt that America owes us.”

The Real News Network, which supports her YouTube program, describes it this way:

“Burn It Down with Kim Brown” is a show from The Real News Network calling out systemic issues within our society and envisioning a new world where we talk with people about how to restructure and create systems that are inclusive of everyone. We keep it real, and will actively destroy myths that the media and politicians love that we believe, like American Exceptionalism.

As Breitbart News has reported, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other left-wing groups looted and destroyed businesses in cities around the country, including in Portland, Oregon, where riots have taken place almost daily for months.

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