HUD’s $5 Billion Taxpayer Funded Program Gives Rent Money to Illegal Aliens

TIJUANA, MEXICO - MARCH 26: A child looks out from his accommodation in the makeshift refugee camps for Central American migrants, waiting for the US authorities to allow them to enter to begin their process of humanitarian asylum in this country. Following the change of direction in immigration policy, the …
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Illegal migrants are being allowed to get taxpayer funds to pay their rent as part of a $5 billion Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program announced this week.

When asked about whether she would enforce the Trump-era rule that only citizens can receive the vouchers, Fudge said, “The answer is no.”

“We are doing everything we can possibly to take any living person in this nation off the streets,” Fudge told reporters. “That’s kind of our posture.”

The Washington Times reported on the expansion of President Joe Biden’s open border policies:

Ms. Fudge announced that HUD will use money from the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package signed into law in February to provide 70,000 emergency housing vouchers nationwide to about 750 local housing authorities. She said it will help about 130,000 people find or keep safe, quality housing.

HUD’s most recent count of the U.S. homeless population in January 2020 found about 580,000 people living on the streets, up 2 percent from the previous year. But Ms. Fudge said the pandemic has worsened the problem in the U.S., with more people homeless or at risk of losing their homes. The money will be distributed to communities within the next 30 to 60 days.

Oakland, California, Mayor Libby Schaaf said her city will receive 504 vouchers to help some of the roughly 4,000 homeless people [in that city]. She said there are also about 750 people living in temporary hotel rooms or trailers provided by FEMA during the pandemic.

“We are providing communities the resources to give homes to the people who have had to endure the COVID-19 pandemic without one,” Fudge said. “These housing vouchers will allow us to not put these people back on the street, but to move them into permanent, affordable, safe, healthy housing.”

“The supplemental funding is allocated through the HOME Investment Partnerships Program to 651 grantees, including states, insular areas, and local governments,” the press release announcing the move said.

Migrants compete with Americans for housing, which, in turn, raises housing costs for citizens.

The press release included a link that shows the amounts being paid out to localities across the country.

“The nearly $5 billion in HOME-ARP funding is the first of two homelessness-related funding opportunities from the American Rescue Plan that HUD will release,” the announcement said. “In the coming weeks, HUD will announce the allocation of funding for emergency vouchers for people experiencing and at-risk of homelessness.”

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