Analysis Finds Counties with Above-Average Vaccination Rates Reporting Higher Coronavirus Case Rates

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Some California counties with above-average vaccination rates are also reporting higher cases of the Chinese coronavirus, according to the Bay Area News Group’s analysis of state data.

According to Mercury News, the analysis found virus cases “soaring” in counties with high vaccination rates, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco. All of those areas boast higher vaccination rates, yet they are also reporting more new cases of the Chinese coronavirus. Meanwhile, five counties with below-average vaccination rates — Modoc, Glenn, Lassen, Del Norte, San Benito — have experienced a dip in new cases.

Despite that, experts contend that vaccines are still effective.

Per CBS Sacramento:

However, UCSF infectious disease expert Dr. Phillip Norris clarifies that the data doesn’t mean the vaccine is not working.

He notes, first, the counties referenced with higher vaccination and case rates are more densely populated.

“If there are a lot of people around you’re more likely to bump into one who has COVID,” Norris explained.

He also points to the reports of the delta variant carrying a significantly higher viral load than other variants.

All the while, federal health officials are continuing to promote widespread vaccines, although the Biden White House effectively undermined its own messaging on vaccine efficacy after touting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) updated guidance, recommending fully vaccinated individuals to wear a mask in certain indoor settings. Even White House press secretary Jen Psaki was unable to explain away the discrepancy in vaccine messaging.

“If vaccines work…then why do people who have the vaccine need to now wear masks?” Peter Doocy of Fox News asked her on Tuesday.

“The public health leaders in our administration have made the determination, based on data, that that is a way to make sure they’re protected,” she said.

Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, has blamed unvaccinated people for reinstating mask guidance, claiming it “could have been avoided” if more Americans got the shot when the government instructed them to. At the same time, Walensky admitted they are worried the virus is “just a few mutations” away from evading vaccines altogether.


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