Florida Lawmaker Sabatini Urges Ron DeSantis to Ban Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Anthony Sabatini
Sabatini for Congress

Florida State Representative and U.S. Congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini (R) is urging Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to call a special legislative session to ban vaccine and mask mandates implemented by “woke corporations, tyrannical local governments, and radical school boards.”

“The goal of the Special Legislative Session is to prevent local governments and ‘woke’ corporate employers from violating individual citizen’s medical privacy and freedom,” Sabatini wrote in the letter:

Sabatini told Breitbart News it’s “time for Republicans to stand up and fight” and that “too many politicians are sitting around doing nothing as rights are being violated.”

“Currently, the cities of Coral Springs, Palm Beach, and Broward County Schools have re-instituted mask mandates,” Sabatini continues in the letter:

Additionally, far-left zealots like Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph are ordering staff to be vaccinated or be fired from their jobs. These heavy-handed approaches are un-American and should never be allowed to occur in Florida. We must intervene and stop them.

“Florida’s response to Covid-19 should always be based on the principles of individual responsibility and freedom: we should trust individual citizens and communities to make their own health choices—not incompetent government entities,” Sabatini asserts. “We should not sit idly by as the rights of citizens are violated.”

Sabatini’s letter comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended the re-masking of individuals, even those who are vaccinated.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday that “If you want to end all of this, this back-and-forth, let’s get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated. And all of this will go away.”

Sabatini has called for Fauci to be thrown in jail due to his funding of the Wuhan lab in China. He has also called for an immigration moratorium to protect American workers’ wages and reduce crime, along with pushing DeSantis to prohibit mask mandates for the upcoming school year before Dr. Fauci or local school districts move to make masks mandatory.

Sabatini also filed a bill Thursday to mandate workers provide evidence of legal status to be employed by all government or non-government employers, as migrants are flowing into the state.

Anthony Sabatini’s opponent, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), has labeled Sabatini an “extremist Trump supporter.”


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