Exclusive — Rep. Lisa McClain on Stop CCP Act: ‘We’ve Struck a Nerve’

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Rep. Lisa McClain spoke with Breitbart News about her recently-introduced bill, the STOP CPP Act, and said, “It seems like we’ve struck a nerve,” in response to potential retaliatory sanctions from China.

McClain spoke with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle about her new bill.


McClain discussed her recently-introduced bill, the Stop CCP Act, which would sanction members of the Chinese Communist Party and their relatives.

“Basically the Stop CCP Act restricts travel for the the members of the CCP and their family members, as well as it puts financial sanctions on those same people and it’s clearly that simple,” the congresswoman said. “I mean, this bill sends a strong message that China’s behaviors will not be tolerated.”

McClain said that because Biden has not been tough on China, “Congress needs to be.”

“I would leave you with this thought: Weakness breeds aggression. And all you have to do is look around the world today and see that play out,” she said.

Boyle highlighted an exclusive Breitbart News report about McClain’s Stop CCP Act that explained that Xi Jinping’s daughter would not have been allowed to attend Harvard University if the bill was law. He also brought up a Chinese propagandist’s threat to enforce retaliatory sanctions against members of the U.S. government if McClain’s bill gets passed into law.

McClain welcomed the sanctions, telling Boyle, “It seems like we’ve struck a nerve. And as it pertains to the sanctions. Frankly, go ahead. I don’t have any plans on going to China anytime soon,”

“I don’t send my kids to get educated at the Confucius Institutes over in China. So to me, I’m not really concerned about that,” she said.

McClain said Congress needs to stop turning a blind eye to China’s various human rights violations, whether with Hong Kong, the Uyghur Muslims, or Taiwan. “We have to stop doing that. Because again, I’ll say it: weakness breeds aggression.”

Although she welcomes potential sanctions from China, the Michigan Congresswoman said they would likely hurt the Biden family. “It may have an effect on Biden and his family. I mean, it’s not surprising to me that Joe Biden is not tough on China. I mean, think about it, his family profits from them,” she said.

Boyle highlighted Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer’s new book, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, which exposes how the Biden family and other American officials profit from business dealings with individuals tied to “the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

He asked the congresswoman if she thinks a special counsel is necessary to investigate the Biden family’s numerous ties to Chinese and Ukrainian business entities.

“Absolutely,” she responded. “Do I think that’s gonna happen happen? Absolutely not.” However, McClain said that “there’s going to be a lot of oversight” if Republicans regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives after the 2022 midterms.

The two discussed the possibility of getting McClain’s Stop CCP Act tied together in a package with the annual National Defense Authorization Act. McClain said that it is a possibility, but due to Democrat control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, it would likely not pass.

“We are setting the table for when we take the House back, and do I see it potentially being in the NDAA? Yeah, I mean, at some point in time,” she said.

McClain ended the interview calling out Congressional Democrats for trying to take a humanitarian stance yet remaining silent on the CCP.

“Because the Democrats right now, what I find is so hypocritical is they are always out front of all the humanitarian efforts and all of the humanitarian issues, but they are crickets on the Uyghur issue,” she said.

“The humanitarian issues that are going on in Hong Kong. How come we don’t hear it? Where’s their voice? Why aren’t they screaming at the top of their lungs?”

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