Nolte: Back Domestic Drilling or Shut Up About Opposing Putin

FILE - A flare burns excess natural gas at an oil well on Aug. 26, 2021, in Watford City,
Matthew Brown, File/AP

Hey, I see you changed your profile photo to the Ukrainian flag. Yeah, that should do it.

Oh, my, yes… Be still my heart at the bravery it must have taken for you to pour out all your Russian vodka (that was made in the U.S.A.) and then directly fund Putin’s war crimes by filling your gas tank.

You know, I just don’t want to hear it from America’s Keyboard Generals, those with lives and heads so empty they’re sure they can win this war under a blanket holding an iPhone — and that includes Joe Biden.

What? You think your hashtag campaign calling for the blacklisting of Russian civilians is a battle won? You think sitting there in your pajamas directly targeting the Russian people and their sopranos and conductors and filmmakers (something we didn’t even do during the Cold War when the adults really were in charge) means you qualify for battle pay? Boy, nothing wins wars like losing hearts and minds to China.

Oh, look at the badass who made #PutinTrumpHitler trend.

Y’all are so full of shit.

There is only one thing — one — that will make Putin pay for his war crimes, and that’s for the West, including the good ole U.S. of A., to become energy independent. And I don’t mean a hundred years from now when green unicorn farts keep the Netflix streaming. I mean now, right now… I mean, 16 months ago before Joe Biden was wheeled into office and deliberately killed America’s energy independence by, among other things, killing our pipeline while — get this! — approving Putin’s pipeline!

Energy independence. That’s the silver bullet. That’s what will bring Putin down. That’s what will bankrupt his war crimes. That’s what will remove his leverage over the West.

You want to help Ukraine — I mean help Ukraine in a way that will make you uncomfortable but still allow you to remain under a blanket with your iPhone? Demand this White House move as quickly as possible make the Keystone XL Pipeline operational. Demand more drilling, more fracking, more coal digging, more nuclear power… Demand Germany put back online three operational nuclear power plants that that stupid country just shut down after Stupid Joe Biden approved Putin’s Nord Stream II pipeline.

Yes, you read that correctly; Germany shut down three working nuclear power plants (that emit no carbon) to purchase Putin’s natural gas (that does emit carbon).

Oh, and as far as your #PutinTrumpHitler hashtag, here’s a video of “TrumpHitler” publicly shaming Germany at the UN for enriching the war criminal with green blood money:

Oh, and here’s a video of Trump shaming the EU for empowering Putin with green blood money:

Oh, and it was Trump who turned America into an energy EXPORTER, and it was YOUR GUY who deliberately reversed all of that, and now we get ten percent of our oil from the war criminal Putin.

Please explain this to me…

Because even pre-Ukraine invasion, I was a tad baffled…

If this is all about carbon, why would you prefer to burn Russian oil instead of our own? What difference does it make? Is oil from our enemies, like Iran and Venezuela, carbon-free?

If this is all about carbon, why did Germany shut down three nuclear plants (that do not emit carbon) to purchase natural gas from Russia (that does emit carbon)?

But that’s the past. The question now is, what are you going to do today? Because I am going to tell you what you ARE doing… Your stupid, regressive environmental policies ARE funding Putin’s war crimes, ARE giving Putin leverage over the West, and ARE devastating the poor with what will soon be  — probably this week — the highest energy prices in the history of ever.

The silver bullet against Putin is not your stupid hashtag; it’s domestic energy production.

The silver bullet to give the poor some relief is not your stupid profile photo of the Ukrainian flag; it’s domestic energy production.

The silver bullet to help Ukraine is not your stupid “Donate for Ukraine Relief” Facebook button; it’s domestic energy production.

And the silver bullet against the inflation that is also killing the poor is not your tweets OWNING Vlad; it’s the domestic energy production that will help bring the cost down on everything because energy is required to produce and ship everything.

This is a binary choice, as binary as they come. You’re either with Putin or against him, and if you oppose domestic energy production, you are not only with Putin; you are his quisling, his gull, his rube, his stupe, his most useful of idiots.

As far as those of you who would prefer to send other people’s sons into a war with Putin before you’ll dare scar the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve, you’re something worse — gutless, selfish sociopaths.


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