Joe Biden Tells Parents: Affirm Your Teens’ Transgender Claims

US President Joe Biden answers questions after announcing that the United States will be releasing a record amount of oil from the US strategic oil reserves to help bring down the cost of oil in the South Court Auditorium, next to the White House, in Washington, DC, on March 31, …

President Joe Biden released a video Thursday to encourage millions of insecure and vulnerable teenagers to embrace the elite claim they can transform into a popular “transgender” person of the opposite sex:

I want you to know that your President sees you. Joe, Kamala, Doug, our entire administration, sees you for who you are … deserving of dignity, respect, and support. But we know it’s hard when there are those out there who don’t see you, don’t respect you.

Biden also threatened the loving American parents who disagree with their teenagers’ claims to be members of the opposite sex, saying:

To parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s [claimed transgender] identity [is] one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy.

Biden’s video was posted on the White House’s “Transgender Day of Visibility” PR event.

The claimed threat to the children was underlined by Amy Schneider, a man who decorated his claim to be a woman by wearing a pink suit during his same-day visit to the White House. In a meeting with White House reporters, Schneider denounced the popular child-protection laws now being passed by GOP legislatures, saying the laws:

are really scary and some of them in particular that are denying medical services to trans youth, those are life-saving medical treatments. Those bills will cause the deaths of children and that’s really sad to me, and that’s really frightening.agers

A Gallup survey in February said less than one percent of Americans declare themselves to be transgender. Just 1.5 percent say they are gay, one percent say lesbian, and four percent declare themselves to be bisexual.

Numerous polls show Biden’s transgender pitch is very unpopular, especially when aimed at children. For example, a March 23-24 poll by Harvard CAPS/Harris showed that only 33 percent of 1,990 registered voters believe that “information about sexuality should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels.” Sixty-seven percent say the topic should be “left to parents to discuss with their young children.”

Also, many of the young people who claim to be transgender “de-transition” from their claims, but the reversal often comes after they suffer voice-changing, debilitating, and sterilizing transgender treatments.

In the last two years, several European countries have reversed the legality of transgender treatments, usually after the discovery of much harm to teenagers and young adults:

Ironically, Biden’s “White House’s Day of Transgender Visibility” speech was scheduled for the same day as a “White House Roundtable on Mental Health with Young Women and Girl Leaders.”

The White House’s message to the media after the March 31 event said:

With studies continuing to highlight the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on youth mental health, participants shared their experiences and insight into the unique mental health challenges that women and girls face. The young women leaders also shared policy recommendations for strengthening mental health for girls, including the need to meet girls where they are …

Senior White House officials reinforced the Administration’s commitment to addressing our mental health crisis, a core pillar of the Unity Agenda that President Biden outlined in his State of the Union Address.


On the same day, Biden’s team also released “A Proclamation on National Child Abuse Prevention Month, 2022.” The document said:

Child abuse crosses all socioeconomic and educational levels, religions, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  We know that abuse and neglect negatively impact every aspect and stage of a child’s life.  Child abuse impacts the ability of students to succeed in school and often hinders their ability to forge healthy relationships with their loved ones and peers.

“I was raised to believe that one of the greatest sins is the abuse of power, and there is no greater abuse of power than the abuse of a child,” said the Biden-signed statement.

In December 2021, Schneider, the pink-clad man whose inner feelings of “gender identity” are said to be female, told an interviewer that his favorite movies include “Master and Commander” and “Fury Road.”

The transgender movement is diverse, with competing goals and priorities.

The movement includes masculine, intact autogynephilic men who demand sex from women — including lesbians.

It includes non-political people trying to live as idealized stereotypes of the opposite sex and pre-pubescent children with childish views of sexuality.

It includes troubled young men fantasizing about being submissive women, lesbians trying to become men, teenage girls trying to flee a sexual environment twisted by pornography, and gay teenagers trying to escape their minority status by adopting an attempted mainstream male identity.

It includes feminists who wish to blur distinctions between the two sexes and people who glamorize the distinctions between the two complementary sexes.

The transgender environment also includes revenue-seeking drug companies and medical service providers, wealthy donors, ambitious politicians, manipulative teachers, and professional advocates.

It also includes sexual liberationists and many progressives who are eager to liberate people from their bodies, parents who are eager or willing to endorse transgender claims, and journalists eager to help their social peers.

It does not include young people trying to “de-transition” back to their sex, nor the alienated teenagers who are being guarded by their loving parents from the transgender activists.



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