Joe Biden Calls For ‘One COVID Shot Each Year’ as He Gets Fifth Vaccine Shot

vaccine mandate
Anna Moneymaker/Getty

President Joe Biden urged Americans to get their coronavirus vaccine boosters, recommending one additional booster shot per year.

“If you’re fully vaccinated, get one more COVID shot. Once a year. That’s it,” Biden said during a speech on his imitation White House video set.

The president got his fifth coronavirus shot live on camera, even though he contracted and recovered from the virus in July.

But he urged all Americans to keep getting their boosters.

“Your old vaccine or your previous COVID infection will not give you maximum protection,” he said.

He expressed disappointment that more people were not getting their booster shots.

“Update your COVID vaccine. It’s incredibly effective, but the truth is not enough are getting it,” he said. “We’ve got to change that so we can all have a safe holiday season.”

He urged all Americans to get their shots by Halloween so they could enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with their family.

“You can spend Thanksgiving with family and friends with the peace of mind knowing that you’ve done your part for everyone’s wellbeing,” he said.

The president also promoted certain vaccine shots that apparently offer people a coupon just for getting vaccinated.

“Get the shot, $5, $10, $20 off your drugstore or grocery purchase,” he said.

The president asserted that the coronavirus pandemic was still a “global health emergency” despite saying in September that the coronavirus pandemic was over.

But he reasserted that vaccinated Americans did not have to worry about dying from the virus, if they were boosted or if they were treated with the drug Paxlovid.

“Virtually every COVID death is preventable,” he said and added, “Almost everyone who will die from COVID this year will not be up to date on their shots or they will not have taken Paxlovid when they got sick.”


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