Three Illegal Aliens, Freed by Sanctuary State Colorado, Accused of Murdering 30-Year-Old Man

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Three illegal aliens, all with prior criminal arrests in the sanctuary state of Colorado, are accused of murdering a 30-year-old man in El Paso County.

Last month, illegal aliens Ector Sarabia-Cabrera, Isidrio Sarabia-Gonzalez, and Braulio Barron-Rubio — along with a fourth suspect, Yessica Cortes-Barcenas — were arrested and charged with murdering 30-year-old Manuel Hernandez-Uribe, a fugitive wanted for kidnapping, second-degree strangulation, nonconsensual sexual contact, child abuse, third-degree assault, and harassment.

Police allege that Sarabia-Cabrera, Sarabia-Gonzalez, and Barron-Rubio kidnapped Hernandez-Uribe before taking him to Cheyenne Mountain and shooting him. The three illegal aliens are accused of then dumping his body along the side of a road.

KRDO 13 Investigates reveals in an exclusive report that the illegal aliens each had their own criminal histories in the sanctuary state of Colorado before allegedly murdering Hernandez-Uribe.

Sarabia-Cabrera, for instance, was previously convicted in Arapahoe County in March 2022 for marijuana cultivation after being convicted in Denver County in January 2022 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and grand theft auto.

At the time of Hernandez-Uribe’s murder, Sarabia-Cabrera had a warrant out for his arrest in Denver County for violating probation that he was serving for a prior drug conviction.

Meanwhile, Sarabia-Gonzalez, who was previously deported from the United States in January 2016, was arrested in January 2020 in Arapahoe County on misdemeanor charges.

Barron-Rubio, who was repeatedly deported from the U.S. more than 15 years ago, had prior arrests in Jefferson County and Denver County.

“Despite having prior criminal charges and convictions in Colorado, none have been deported,” KRDO 13 Investigates reports, suggesting that Colorado officials adhered to the state’s sanctuary policy and did not cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to have the three illegal aliens detained, arrested, and deported.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the alleged murder occurred in El Paso County, Colorado.

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