Watch: Katie Hobbs Giggles When Asked to Swear ‘I Will Support the Constitution’

Katie Hobbs / Facebook

Democrat Katie Hobbs, who was sworn in as Arizona’s 24th governor on Monday, giggled while taking her oath, triggering criticism across social media.

Video shows Hobbs repeating her oath, pausing and looking away before repeating, the phrase “do solemnly swear.”

When it came to the section “that I will support the Constitution,” Hobbs again paused and snickered, urging others to “stop” while laughing. She eventually repeated the line.

Her reaction generated a significant amount of criticism across social media.

“Katie Hobbs bursting out laughing when she is asked to repeat her support and defense of the Constitution,” Tyler Bowyer, a “7th Generation Arizonan and conservative activist,” remarked as others deemed the moment “childish” and a “criminal travesty.”

“This is really hard to watch all I can say,” one said, as another added that it is “shameful this is even happening.”

Her swearing-in comes more than a week after an Arizona District Court Judge ruled against Hobbs’ Republican challenger Kari Lake, ultimately upholding Hobbs’ victory. 


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