Comer: ‘Double Standard’ in DOJ Handling of Trump and Biden on Classified Documents

Representative James Comer (R-KY) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that because more classified documents have been found in President Joe Biden’s home, there seems to be a “double standard” between how the Department of Justice is handling his case and that of former President Donald Trump.

Comer said, “My concern is that special counsel was called for, but yet hours of that we still had the president’s personal attorneys who have no security clearance still rummaging around the president’s residence looking for things. That would essentially be a crime scene, so to speak, after the appointment of a special counsel. So we have a lot of questions for the National Archives. We have a lot of questions for the Department of Justice, and hopefully, we’ll be getting answers very soon.”

He continued, “We just want equal treatment here with respect to how both former President Trump and current President Biden are being treated with the document issue.”

Comer added, “The fact that they were quick to call for special counsel with Trump, it seems political here. It seems hypocritical. It seems like a double standard. That’s our concern. I have jurisdiction as chairman of the House Oversight Committee over the National Archives. This is the agency I’m most frustrated with because they have not been transparent at all. They should be briefing myself and ranking member Raskin who will be your next guest on the show, about what’s going on here. They never did tell us about November 2nd. We asked questions about what went on with Mar-a-Lago. Why was Mar-a-Lago raided but the president’s home not? Why are the president’s lawyers still allowed to rummage through looking for documents after a special counsel has been appointed? It doesn’t make sense. It’s not fair. We just want equal treatment.”

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