DeSantis Says Florida Will Be Exposing Inappropriate Books in Schools: It’s ‘So, So Graphic’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis answers questions from the media in the Florida Cabinet foll

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday said his administration will be exposing  inappropriate books in schools, warning they are “so graphic” some of the depictions may not be able to be aired.

The DeSantis administration has long sparred with the establishment media over targeting inappropriate books in schools, but the governor said they are just getting started and plan to expose these books so all can see what taxpayers are actually funding.

“We’re gonna expose exactly the books that parents are concerned about. You guys will not even be able to put it on your air because it’s gonna be so, so graphic,” DeSantis told reporters after his State of the State address.

“And you’re gonna say that that’s appropriate for a 10 year old or an 11 year old?” he hypothetically asked.  “And so we’ve been able to empower parents with our curriculum transparency.”

“They go in and say, you know, if I’m gonna send my 10-year-old daughter [to school], I don’t think I want this there with all these graphic images. That’s not appropriate And this is our tax dollars going to fund this,” he said, asking, “Why would we fund this with our tax dollars?”

DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin brought one controversial book titled “Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human” to the forefront last month, which contains graphic, pornographic images. Florida’s Broward County Schools eventually removed a sexually explicit book, which tells children that virginity “just doesn’t work anymore in today’s world.”

As Breitbart News reported:

It also contains explainers on transgender and nonbinary people alone with illustrated images, including one of a feminine looking figure with breasts but also male genitalia. The book also states that porn “can help you discover new aspects of your sexuality” if it is “consumed right.” Further, the book tells young readers that the Internet is a “great place to research fantasies and kinks safely.”

According to reports, the books were found at Fort Lauderdale High, Coral Glades High in Coral Springs, and Nova High in Davie. It was also found in Orange and Seminole county schools as well but has since been removed from those.

Broward school district spokesman John Sullivan said the district initiated a review following the complaints.

“During the review, the book will be removed from our schools,” Sullivan said.

“Good. It is pornography,” Griffin said:

DeSantis went on to reiterate that topics such as gender ideology are “inappropriate” for children.

“I mean, you’re having these kids and they’re basically being told, well, yeah — you may not be a boy, you may be a girl,” he said. “Parents don’t want that. I don’t think they want any of this stuff there.”

DeSantis added that the current Parental Rights in Education measure bans such classroom discussions for young children through third grade but noted that anything beyond must be “developmentally age-appropriate.”

“So school boards are in a situation where they can make that judgment, and I think most of the school boards that we have now probably would make a similar judgment anyways,” he said, adding, “there may be some that aren’t.”


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