Poll: 1 in 4 Democrats Are Single-Issue Voters on Abortion

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Nearly a quarter of Democrat voters say they would vote for a candidate based solely on their abortion position, an NBC News poll released Friday found.

Twenty-four percent of Democrats said they would base their vote on abortion when asked if “any one issue [is] so important that you would vote for or against a candidate solely on that basis.” The survey was conducted November 10-14 with 1,000 registered voters and has an overall margin of error of ±3.1 percentage points.

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“The poll also finds that the highest share of single-issue women voters (22 percent) say abortion is their top issue,” according to the survey report.

The second issue most important to Democrat voters is “protecting democracy or constitutional rights,” with 23 percent saying the issue could determine their vote.

Out of overall respondents, “protecting democracy or constitutional rights,” was the top answer with 19 percent saying a politician’s position on the issue would determine their vote. The second top answer was abortion at 18 percent.

“Those responses were followed by immigration or border security (14 percent), guns (9 percent), the Israel-Hamas war (5 percent) and LGBTQ issues (4 percent),” according to the report. “One in five voters said none of the issues listed would be so important to determine their vote for or against a candidate.”

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Republican voters’ highest priorities differ greatly from their Democrat counterparts. A quarter (25 percent) of GOP voters said their vote would depend on a candidate’s immigration policy, while another 25 percent said the same of border security.

Compared to Democrats, only 16 percent of Republicans said they would base their vote on “protecting democracy or constitutional right,” and 14 percent said they would base their vote on abortion.

The poll showing Democrat voters’ prioritization of abortion comes as Democrats and left-wing organizations dump millions of dollars into framing post-Roe elections around abortion, and as left-wing groups fight on a state level to place abortion on the ballot in several states going into 2024.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on X @thekat_hamilton.


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