Nolte: Trump Crushing Everyone in Iowa Per Des Moines Register Poll

Collage of former President Donald Trump at State of the Union (Win McNamee / AFP / Getty)
Getty/AFP: Win McNamee, Michael M. Santiago // AP: Robert F. Bukaty

Former President Trump is now over the magic 50 percent mark in Iowa, per the latest Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll — a poll with more producers than a Bruce Willis direct-to-video movie.

Since an October poll, The Donald has jumped eight full points, from 43 percent to his current standing of 51 percent.

Second place Ron DeSantis is 32 whole points behind Trump with just 19 percent support.

And the latest media hoax, known as NikkiHaleyMentum, has just been debunked. The former South Carolina governor and United Nations representative sits in third place with just 16 percent support — or 35 points behind Trump. What’s more, Haley has not gained a single point since last month despite the media’s best efforts to pretend she is NikkiSurgeKochDarling.

Gee, I’m confused… Because the NeverTrumpTards and corporate media assured me that as the field of candidates shrunk, someone would rise as a serious and threatening alternative to the former president. Well, the field has shrunk, and now Trump is up eight points, while Koch Brothers Nikki remained flat at 16 percent, and DeSantis jumped only three points.

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“The field may have shrunk, but it may have made Donald Trump even stronger than he was,” the pollster said. “I would call his lead commanding at this point. There’s not much benefit of fewer candidates for either Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley.”

The unicorn dreams of #GOPSmartSet go down in flames once more.

Iowa votes in less than five weeks, by the way.

For some real context, let’s look back at 2016…

Trump lost Iowa in 2016 to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) — 24.3 to 27.6 percent. The final DesMoines Register poll had Trump only up by five points over Cruz, 28 to 23 percent. But that’s the key…

In 2016, per the average polling, Trump only had 28.6 percent support in Iowa. When the voting was over, he earned 24.3 percent support. The polls were off by less than four points.

Today, Trump is up over thirty points and polling near, at, or above 50 percent.

All this Nikki Haley talk is 1) a media hoax to pretend there’s a horserace, and 2) manipulation of the public to make NikkiKoch happen. None of this is reflected in any of the polling.

Everyone believes Haley can make her stand in New Hampshire, the second primary state where voting begins on January 23. But Trump is up nearly 30 points over Haley. What’s more, Trump is polling much better in New Hampshire compared to 2016, and in 2016 he still won New Hampshire. Currently, Trump’s polling average in new Hampshire puts him in first place with 45.7 percent support.

Haley is in far second place with 18.7 percent.

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Eight years ago, Trump won New Hampshire with just 35.3 percent support. Son of a Mailman, John Kasich, came in second with just 15.8 percent.

The bottom line is that Trump won the GOP primary in 2016, and now, in 2020, he is way-way-way outperforming his 2016 polling.

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