Nolte: Economy, Immigration Drag Joe Biden’s Gallup Job Approval Down to 38%

Economy, Immigration
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The latest Gallup poll shows that the economy and immigration have dragged His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s job approval rating down to 38 percent.

Biden’s disapproval rating is 59 percent.

Among Democrats, Biden earns an 82 percent approval rating, which is okay but not great and nowhere near the expected 90+ percent range.

Only 32 percent of Independents approve of the job Biden’s doing. This number was in the fifties during Biden’s first year in office. His disapproval number with this group is 62 percent.

In the previous Gallup poll measuring Biden’s monthly job approval, Biden sat at 41 percent approval. His all-time low at Gallup is 37 percent.

What’s killing Hunter’s Dad is his brutal approval/disapproval numbers on key issues.

Only 28 percent approve of Biden’s handling of immigration, while 67(!) percent disapprove.

On his (mis)handling of the “situation in the Middle East between the Israelis and Palestinians,” only 30 percent approve, while 62 percent disapprove. His numbers are a little better on “foreign affairs”: 33 percent approve/62 percent disapprove.

Only 36 percent approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 61 percent disapprove.

On what should be Biden’s strongest issue, the war in Ukraine, only 40 percent approve, while a majority of 53 percent disapprove.

Gallup concludes with this analysis:

Biden’s overall job rating has slipped to 38%, and his ratings on immigration, the Israel-Hamas situation, foreign affairs and the economy are even lower. He has lost some ground among his party in recent months on immigration and the situations in the Middle East and Ukraine, though his overall rating hasn’t dropped among Democrats.

Looking ahead to November, history suggests that Biden has significant work to do to improve his approval rating among independents as well as Democrats if he is to win a second term.

Gallup interviewed 1,016 adults between February 1 and 20 with a four percent margin of error. Here are some of the more interesting internals…

Among the youngest surveyed, those aged 18 to 34, only 30 percent approve of the job Biden’s doing, while 64 percent disapprove. Biden does best with the college-educated, but even so, only 52 percent approve.

The number that should worry Biden the most is that he’s only a single point above water with “non-whites:” 48 percent approve, 47 percent disapprove.

On the question of the economy, “non-whites” are not pleased. Only 40 percent approve, while 58 percent disapprove.

Two-thirds of Independents (66 percent) disapprove of how Biden handles the economy, as do 27 percent of Democrats.

Nothing about this Gallup poll is an outlier. In the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average poll of polls, Biden’s job approval rating sits at an anemic 39.7 percent, while 56.3 disapprove. He’s upside-down by 16.6 points.

In the expected face-off with former President Trump, Biden is currently down two points nationally in the RCP poll of national polls. In the swing states, Biden is down 4.7 points in Arizona, 8.4 points in Nevada, 0.6 points in Wisconsin, 4.6 points in Michigan, six points in North Carolina, and 6.8 points in Georgia. In 2020, Biden won five of those states (allegedly). The only swing state where Biden holds a lead is Pennsylvania, where he’s up by less than a point.

In the polling for the 2020 race, Trump never got any closer than four points behind Biden nationally and did little better in those swing states.

There’s no question, especially with the return of inflation, that 2024 is Trump’s race to lose. And lose it he could if he continues to do dumb things like yell at Jimmy Kimmel. Eight months of something close to normalcy and Trump’s president again. Why do all this dumb stuff that offers no upside and only reminds the suburban fence-sitters why they hate him? It’s just dumb. Did I mention that it’s dumb?


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