Watch — Scott Presler: ‘The More They Indict’ Donald Trump, ‘the More They Unite Us’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

DETROIT, Michigan — Conservative activist Scott Presler told Breitbart News that “the more they indict” former President Donald Trump, “the more they unite” his supporters.

After being asked to react to the lawfare being waged against Trump, Presler said, “I am convicted to vote for President Donald Trump, and my vote for him is locked up.”

“And I say that because I want the left to know — I want the Democrats to know — that the more that they indict him, the more that they unite us,” Presler added. “The American people are coming together in support for Donald Trump.”

Presler, who runs the voter registration organization Early Vote Action, spoke to Breitbart News on Sunday at Turning Point Action’s “The People’s Convention” in Detroit, Michigan.

“I’m focused on Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin,” he said. “We win those five, we win the 270 that we need to elect Donald Trump.”

“While we’re focused on early voting and legal ballot harvesting, you cannot do either of those things unless first, people are registered to vote at their current address,” Presler asserted. “So, we have a robust voter registration operation — meeting people where they are.”

Presler noted that “Pennsylvania, two years ago, had 595,000 more Dems than Republicans,” adding, “We have narrowed that 200,000 in two years’ time. So our voter registration is making a real impact.”

The conservative activist added that under the Republican National Committee (RNC)’s new leadership, grassroots efforts like his now “have a seat at the table,” whereas, previously, they did not.

“I know that some Republicans might scratch their heads and look at my cockeyed, but we are courting the former felon vote,” Presler said. “I was just at the DuPage County Jail — I got my hair done, I was looking cute — I wanted to go into the jail and meet the inmates and court their vote.”

Presler noted that in Pennsylvania, “As soon as you are no longer incarcerated, your rights are immediately restored.”

“We’re getting a list of every single former felon for Pennsylvania, and we’re going to be reaching out to them in an effort to talk about the injustice that many of them suffered is the same injustice that President Trump is suffering, and, therefore, we’re asking for their votes,” he said.

Presler also talked about his push to get the Christian community registered to vote.

“People really need to understand if every Christian in America actually voted, we would never lose another presidential election,” he said. “And 30 percent of evangelicals — it’s not that they don’t even vote — 30 percent are not registered to vote.”

“We want to get people registered so they can go from the pews to the polls,” Presler added.

The conservative activist also mentioned that “the Muslim community is ripe to come over to the Republican Party.”

“We are seeing big moves from the Muslim community to the Republican Party because A, they don’t like Joe Biden’s anti-peace in the Middle East policies, and B, they don’t like the Democrats waging a war against children by pushing, shall we say, phonographic materials in schools,” he said.

“This is Trump 2024 or bust,” Presler added. “The American people are not going to accept any other presidential candidate, except for Donald J. Trump.”

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