Rachel Morin’s Mother: Joe Biden ‘Sitting in Ivory Tower’ While Donald Trump Called Me to Offer Condolences

Mandel NGAN/AFP/Bill Pugliano/Getty Images/Courtesy of Rachel Morin Family
Mandel NGAN/AFP/Bill Pugliano/Getty Images/Courtesy of Rachel Morin Family

Angel Mom Patty Morin, whose 37-year-old daughter, Rachel Morin, was murdered in 2023, allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien “got-away,” says President Joe Biden is disinterested in the plight of American victims of illegal immigration. Oppositely, she said, former President Donald Trump called her to offer his condolences.

On August 5, 2023, Rachel Morin headed out for a walk at the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Bel Air, Maryland, in Harford County. When Morin did not return home, her boyfriend, Richard Tobin, reported her missing.

The following day, her body was found on the side of the trail.

On June 15, 2024, the Tulsa Police Department arrested 23-year-old Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador with ties to the MS-13 Gang, in connection with Morin’s rape and murder as well as a violent assault of a nine-year-old girl and her mother in Los Angeles, California.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Patty Morin said she was disappointed with the response, or lack thereof, from the Biden administration in the wake of her daughter’s murder, considering her alleged killer crossed the border on the president’s watch as a got-away.

“It’s like they’re pretending these immigration problems don’t exist and people aren’t being harmed and killed by their policies. The victims are those that are being killed but also their loved ones that they’ve left behind. It’s devastating to the community,” Patty Morin said.

Rachel Morin (Photo via Facebook)

On three occasions in 2023, Border Patrol agents apprehended Martinez Hernandez — twice in January in New Mexico and Texas as well as once in February in New Mexico. On each occasion, he was returned to Mexico.

Sometime after he was last returned to Mexico, Martinez Hernandez crossed the border and made his way to California, where he allegedly assaulted a woman and her child. He later traveled to Maryland, where he was accused of raping and murdering Morin.

Before crossing the border, Martinez Hernandez was accused of having murdered a woman in his native El Salvador after leaving a bar with the victim. The woman’s body was discovered days later.

Patty Morin said Biden “hasn’t really showed any concern for anything the American people have voiced on this issue” and that “he’s sitting in an ivory tower, and we’re just down here. He’s not connected with the everyday person.”

Patty Morin also said Trump called her family to offer his condolences.

“Mr. Trump was actually very genuine,” Patty Morin said. “I think you can tell in a person’s voice. From his voice, he sounded genuinely concerned, as if he, himself, had experienced a loss.”

Martinez Hernandez is being held at the Harford County Detention Center without bail. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has placed a detainer on him, requesting custody if he is released from jail at any time.

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