Exclusive — Sen. Jeff Sessions on WikiLeaks Revelation of Hillary Clinton’s Support for ‘Open Borders’: ‘It’s a Smoking Gun’

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NEW YORK CITY, New York — Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, thinks the paid speech transcripts of Hillary Clinton revealing she supports open borders are a “smoking gun” in this election.

“It’s a smoking gun,” Sessions told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM 125 The Patriot Channel on Thursday morning when asked for his reaction to the revelation.

“Years ago it finally dawned on me: I used to say, and still do, the Democrats and liberals will pass any immigration bill as long as it doesn’t work,” Sessions said.

He continued:

What does that mean? It means they have never wanted a lawful system of immigration. They have frustrated it at every turn. They say they do, for 30 years they have promised and Republicans have promised to produce a lawful system of immigration. They’ve had multiple opportunities to do so with the American people supporting them overwhelmingly. But have they done it? No. Why? Just what that email reveals. She doesn’t do it because she believes in open borders.

That’s where they want to take our country. They don’t believe in borders. This is a deep philosophical question and the answer is crystal clear. You can’t operate in this world today with open borders. Give me a break. You could spend hours explaining why. They never say it publicly because they know they can’t defend it.

So this is an incredible revealing statement that she is going to the American people right now claiming that Donald Trump made errors 10 or 20 years ago whereas she is perpetuating one of the greatest false campaigns ever saying she is going to have a lawful system of immigration when she has no intention whatsoever to do so.

WikiLeaks, in the first email dump of now six total dumps of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails, found partial transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s position is in favor of open borders.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere,” Hillary Clinton said on May 16, 2013, in a paid speech to Banco Itau, according to the leaked Podesta documents.

Sessions that her remarks being for “open trade” were just as revealing as her support for “open borders.”

“This is because she views the future here in the Western Hemisphere and really worldwide, but initially she mentioned here, but her view is like the European Union—that the British just finally desperately extracted themselves from before they got sucked in it so deeply that their own laws cease to have meaning and that the people who have ruled them they can’t control because they’re in Brussels and not at home, not the people they elected,” Session said on Breitbart News Daily.

He added:

So what she indicated there is that she wants a Hemispheric-wide—she didn’t indicate it, she flat out admitted it, she wants a Hemispheric-wide common market which is the way the European Union formed. And she wants free movement of people and free movement of goods. This is indefensible. That’s why she denies it.

That’s why she flipped on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that’s a five thousand page deal that’s probably the largest one in our history—it is the largest one in our history—and she supported it consistently. As Secretary of State, she helped write the dadgum thing. So give me a break. She’s praised it. CNN found she praised it 44 times.

A top Asian policy adviser who some say would be the next Secretary of State in her administration told Australians last summer that she may have said that but they’re going to pass it anyway and now we have the WikiLeaks thing that proves beyond all doubt that on this critical issue she is flat lying to the American people. She intends to move forward. She’ll make a few cosmetic changes, say the thing is fixed, and try to move it through Congress. That’s just what’s going to happen. It’s a fundamental lie.

Sessions framed this election as a referendum election on the important issues of the day, and said that because GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is “standing firm” he is “taking the slings and arrows for us” as a result of the fact he “threatens the establishment.”

“The bottom line is Donald Trump is right on trade, he’s right on immigration, he’s right on judges and the rule of law, he’s right on Obamacare’s failure and how people are suffering under this rigged system to the detriment of their concerns, their interests, while in secret Hillary Clinton and a lot of other establishment politicians meet with rich global interests and serve them when the chips are down and not the American people,” Sessions said.

He explained:

This is—for me—this is how I got into this whole thing. It’s a deep problem. The leadership in this country has drifted globalist. They’ve lost sight of the interests of and struggles of American working people.

Working people’s pleas to their government are right and just. They’re not mean and stupid. They believe in a lawful system of immigration, and that’s right and just. They believe in a system of immigration that protects their jobs and wages first, that when we have a job vacancy here the first thing we do is give a chance to American worker here not bringing in someone from abroad.

My goodness, who do we owe our loyalty to? So they’re right about that. They’re right to be concerned about trade. I’ve done study on it. I’ve supported trade deals in the past, but we’ve done research: The results of these agreements are hurting the American people just like they thought when it passed.

The American people never believed in these things yet the experts said we should do it and it was done by their leaders and the results are in.

Sessions said that to make America great again, the country needs “better tougher trade deals” that “protect American manufacturing, American jobs, and higher-paying jobs.”

“And without a manufacturing base, this country can’t be healthy and strong,” Sessions said. “We are being cheated by our trading partners. This is not a free market. This is a manipulated market by our competitors who want to seek an advantage for their countries and as Donald Trump says ‘who’s negotiating for us? Who’s defending our interests?’ Nobody. And as a result we have had a decline steadily in wages for middle America since 2000. Wages for median family income are down by $100 a month. We want wages going up not down.”

Ultimately speaking, Sessions said he has never seen anything like what the media and political class are doing to take down Donald Trump.

“We were just looking very recently at the ‘fact-checkers,’ Washington Post and ‘fact-checker’ that are supposed to be so objective and fair,” Sessions said. “Both of them said that Donald Trump’s charge and some of his supporters’ like me that Hillary Clinton believes in open borders is ‘false.’ They just announce it as ‘false,’ that ‘Donald Trump is not telling the truth.’ Now what do we know? We know from the WikiLeaks that she absolutely favors open borders—that she used those words. So you think the fact checkers are going to turn around now and issue a report that Trump was right all along and they were wrong? They probably knew in her heart of hearts that she believed in open borders anyway, but they reported it differently.”

The media—and political class—have “circled the wagons,” Sessions said, and “they’re defending the status quo.”

“This is perhaps the last chance that the American people have to protect their country from danger, from dangerous terrorists from entering the country, from an unlawful system of immigration and such a huge flow that it’s pulling down wages and job prospects for Americans and defend themselves against trade agreements that aren’t working. It’s time to have a leader that can look our trading partners in the eye and say ‘you’re going to stop these things’ and ‘we’re not going to take it anymore’ and ‘we have the power to enforce it,’” Sessions said. “We can make that difference and improve that situation and change it in a way that benefits the people of America and makes it stronger.”

Sessions concluded by making his—and Trump’s—case to the undecided voters out there across the country. He also argued that Trump can again come back from the brink and might just pull off an upset victory in November.

“This is a hugely important election for America,” Sessions said, explaining:

The American people are correct. By a 3-to-1 margin they believe we are on the wrong track, and we need to get on the right track. Hillary Clinton will not change the course we are on. She believes it’s the right course. She will accelerate it. She will put the pedal to the metal. I said at the time I endorsed Donald Trump back in Alabama, I said at that time that he’s not a perfect person with him standing right by me. We know that. We know that he has flaws.

But his strength, his drive, his will and his correct position on the issues give us one last chance to put this country on the right path. And the American people need to have their voices heard for a chance and need to make sure their politicians don’t pull the wool over their eyes and go through the election complaining about decades old problems with Donald Trump when Hillary Clinton at this very moment is participating in one of the greatest frauds on the American people by continuing on her idea of open borders and open trade. That’s the choice for us.

She won’t stand up and explain it because she knows once it’s fully known by the American people they’ll reject it. So this is a huge election. I just urge our people to focus on the big issues and to understand what it is at stake—and there are a lot of others like the courts and Obamacare and taxes and regulations, Trump is right on all of those issues; classical Republican issues.

This is a big election. Polls can give you a snapshot at a certain time, but they don’t tell you how they can move. Trump has been up twice since the Republican convention. Why can’t he come back again? He absolutely can.

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