White House Explains Support for Ryancare on Breitbart News Daily

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Cliff Sims, special assistant to President Trump, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday to discuss White House support for the party’s healthcare bill, sometimes referred to as Ryancare.

Sims said the legislation has continued to shift and improve from the conservative perspective.

“A couple of things that got in there: number one, an amendment to the bill that gives states more flexibility by allowing them the option to take Medicaid funding as a true block grant, or as per capita payments, which is what the original bill had in it. So we added that through block grant funding for Medicaid, which conservatives have wanted for years.”

“Secondly,” continued Sims, “in order to make sure that Medicaid funding goes to legitimately vulnerable families and children who need it, there’s an amendment on there now that will also empower states to add a work requirement for able-bodied adults that do not have children and are using Medicaid.”

“Finally, I would say,” he added, “the amendment would also ensure that states that have not expanded Medicaid will not do so during the transition from the current system to the new system in the replace part of the repeal and replace bill.”

Sims  said they were “important reforms,” but he added, “We’ve still got a long way to go.” Marlow and Sims went on to discuss several aspects of the legislation with which conservatives have had some questions, including the overall timing and a mandate to purchase insurance or higher premiums for gaps in insurance coverage.

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