Exclusive – ‘Unplanned’ Star Ashley Bratcher: Alyssa Milano Cares More About Georgia ‘Tax Incentives’ than ‘Sanctity of Human Life’

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Unplanned star Ashley Bratcher told Breitbart News that actress Alyssa Milano prioritizes “tax incentives” over the “sanctity of human life,” offering her remarks on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Patrick Courrielche.

Bratcher’s comments were made in regard to Hollywood figures threatening Georgia with boycotts following the Peach state’s legislative moves to ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Milano spearheaded a campaign — with the support of various Hollywood personalities including Judd Apatow, Lena Dunham, Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, Mark Ruffalo, Olivia Wilde, and Ariel Winter — to pull film, television, and other entertainment production business from Georgia in response to the state’s Heartbeat Bill.


Bratcher stated, “As you know, Alyssa Milano has this very loud voice in Hollywood, and she’s very outspoken about where she stands on women’s reproductive rights, and she called for the film industry to boycott Georgia. Well, I happen to be a proud Georgian who is pro-life, and I support this Heartbeat Bill. … What was really kind of disturbing to me in [Alyssa Milano’s] letter was that it was really more concerned with tax incentives than it was with the sanctity of human life. I just felt like it was kind of self-motivated.”

Bratcher said that prior to filming Unplanned, she had been deceived by Planned Parenthood’s propaganda framing unborn children as “clumps of cells.” She portrayed Abby Johnson in the film, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who became pro-life after participating in an ultrasound-guided abortion. Johnson said of the abortion, “I saw a 13-week old fight and struggle for his life against the abortion instruments. And I knew then that there was life in the womb, and that there was humanity in the womb, and if those two things were true, then I was on the wrong side of this debate.”

Bratcher said, “I was completely floored. I realized, for the first time, that I had been blinded — that I had believed — the excellent campaign that Planned Parenthood has done in making us believe it’s just a clump of cells, and that is just not the case. [Abby Johnson’s] testimony completely converted me. All I had to do was hear her describe it, because I had no idea what an abortion procedure actually entails.”

After completing the film’s production, Bratcher discovered that her mother was moments away from aborting her as an unborn child.

“As I started explaining to [my mother] what the movie was about, my mom just completely broke down, and she was sobbing through the film,” recalled Bratcher. “She told me, ‘Ashley, I need to tell you something I’ve never told you before. What you don’t know is that when I was 19, I was in the clinic for the second time, I had my name called. I was on the table being examined by a very pregnant nurse. I got very sick to my stomach, and I knew I couldn’t go through with it. I got up, and I walked out, and I chose to have you.’ It just completely rocked my world, because I had no idea.”

Bratcher described the importance of Unplanned.

“For the first time, America has to come face-to-face with the victim, here,” declared Bratcher. “You have to look that baby in the face as it’s being aborted. And the only other thing that’s ever done anything like this was a movie a long time ago called Silent Screen, and it was when ultrasound came about, and it showed an ultrasound-guided  abortion, which is what Abby saw, and people are terrified to look at that, but we need to face it as a society. And if we don’t — if we turn a blind eye — that’s regression. … To move forward, we have to come face-to-face with this.”

Bratcher added, “Honestly, [Hollywood has] been ignoring [Unplanned] until about two days ago. Well, not even two days ago. It’s been 24 hours. They finally had to acknowledge what we’re doing.”

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