Sen. Kelly Loeffler: Black Lives Matter, Cancel Culture Coming for All Americans

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Black Lives Matter and and cancel culture are forces seeking to silence all Americans, said Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), offering her comments in an interview on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Loeffler identified the ideological Marxist foundation of the Black Lives Matter organization and campaign.

“We Americans agree with this fact, the life of every African-American is important,” stated Loeffler. “It matters. We have to root out racism, but that’s not what this organization is about.”

“They are trained Marxists,” noted Loeffler of Black Lives Matter’s founders. “They’ve acknowledged this. Their primary mission is to defund the police.”


As co-owner of WNBA team Atlanta Dream, Loeffler opposed the women’s league’s plans support the Black Lives Matter campaign by placing the the left-wing movement’s slogans on athletes’ clothing. She recommended placement of an American flag on players’ uniforms.

Loeffler said, “As a WNBA team owner [of] the Atlanta Dream, I’m the only professional team owner that has spoken out about this, and of course, I’ve been threatened to be canceled. I had suggested that we not use sports to divide, but rather use its power to unite us as Americans, to come together, to go forward and understand that we all want to achieve the same thing, but [Black Lives Matter] is a divisive organization and they’re promoting antisemitism and violence around the country.”

“I’ve been threatened with [removal of] my right to own my business,” said Loeffler. “Some have suggested I should step out of the Senate for speaking out against [Black Lives Matter]. That’s why I went to Washington as a political outsider. I am a voice for people in this country that feel that they don’t have a voice. In fact, 62 percent of conservatives feel like they can’t speak out.”

Marlow warned of a broader trend of self-censorship among Americans in response to increasingly aggressive left-wing intimidation campaigns driven by news media, industry, and the political establishment.

“This concept of cancelling people from their own business, it is very frightening to a lot of people, and I think it’s having a major chilling factor,” Marlow said. “I think this is how we’re going to lose in the long run when it comes to advancing conservative values.”

Loeffler replied, “I think there’s a risk, but I also think that there’s a major silent majority at work here.”

The left’s pursuit of political compliance will not end with sports if it is permitted to continue, Loeffler concluded. She warned, “Like the president said, ‘They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you,’ and they don’t want to just cancel us in sports. This is much bigger than sports.”

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