Exclusive — Kimberly Guilfoyle: The Republican Party Is ‘Trump’s Party’

Trump campaign senior advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle speaks to supporters President Donald Tru
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The Republican Party is “Trump’s party,” Kimberly Guilfoyle, former Fox News commentator and host of Rumble’s upcoming The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show, said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Guilfoyle spoke about the 2024 Republican primary race, explaining that she supports former President Donald Trump not because she is engaged to his son, but because she has been friends with the former president for 18 years and knows he is the man for the job. 

“President Trump has been my friend for 18 years. I know the man. Well, that’s why I was the first one to support him in 2016,” she said, calling him “fearless” and “tireless.”

“I do believe that he will get the nomination. I know there’s a lot of other people, you know, running, wanting to run, etc., whether it’s [Nikki] Haley or [Mike] Pompeo, you know, Ron DeSantis, you know, Rick Scott. Who knows? Whoever can throw their hat in. What I do know is the president is really hitting his stride,” she said, explaining that Trump’s base is still there. 

“It’s Trump’s party. He built that, and it’s incredible, and, you know, East Palestine was just another shining example” of Trump showing up, she explained.

“I feel that whole movements, [the] authenticity that people really love and embrace in 2016 — like you and I talked about a lot — it’s there,” she said, noting that Trump welcomes the competition in the primary. 

“It’s like free advertising and marketing for how awesome Trump is,” she said of his allies running while contrasting Trump’s latest moves to President Joe Biden’s inaction.

“You saw it in their faces when he was there,” she said of Trump’s visit to East Palestine. “People really saw, okay, wait a second. These are Trump supporters. Biden didn’t show up. Pete Buttigieg showed up the next day, you know, at like 7:00 a.m. for five minutes.”

“The Democrats have become the party of elitism and globalism, okay? Nobody likes it. President Trump is the party of America First,” she said, making the case that Democrats “don’t care about you.”

“They don’t care about the hard-working men and women across this country. They don’t care if you’re worried about paying your taxes. They don’t care about you being upset about your children getting indoctrinated. They don’t care that they’ve destroyed infrastructure and manufacturing jobs across the country. And they don’t care that they’re exporting … American jobs, okay? They’re more worried about what’s going on in Ukraine and sending your tax dollars there,” she said, noting that America was far more respected on the world stage when Trump was at the helm.

“When President Trump was in office, they knew better. None of this nonsense,” she said, pointing to the Chinese spy balloons and adding that “no one is fearful of Biden.”


Guilfoyle also teased the launch of her new show, which she said will have “nothing off limits.”

She said she is “super excited” about the free marketplace of ideas, being uncensored and “able to get your viewpoints out there.”

“I’ve always loved creating shows. I helped cocreate The Five and Outnumbered at Fox, and so, this show is going to be like nothing off limits,” she said.

“We’re going to talk about, obviously, politics, what’s going on in the swamp in D.C. We’re going to talk about big news stories of the day: entertainment, culture, crime stories. All of the above. So I’m really excited because I have such a diversity of background to be able to do that [and] be a strong conservative voice for the America First movement,” she said, noting her background as a successful prosecutor in Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

“We tell you exactly what we think, what we feel, and we have the inside information … and that’s what people want. They want to know what’s going on,” she added. 


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