Dave Rubin on the Milo Yiannopoulos Show: Standing Up for Free Speech Now a Conservative Position

Milo protest (Jennifer Lawrence / Breitbart News)
Jennifer Lawrence / Breitbart News

The latest guest on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show is Dave Rubin, talk show host and creator of The Rubin Report. The pair discussed topics ranging from their experience at UCLA to freedom of speech and Donald Trump.

The two started off by talking about the demonstrations before their talk at UCLA, which saw protesters spitting at Milo and attempting to block the entrance to the event.

“These people are supposed to be my people because they’re on the left, even though I don’t consider them liberal,” Rubin said. “You told them how to win, all they have to do if they want to beat you is do the counter speech to your speech today.”

He added that when he tried to explain this to a girl, “all she could do was scream ‘I HATE HIM.'”

Discussing the topic of free speech, Rubin also said that “standing for liberal values of free speech has now become a conservative position.”

He also quoted the words of a NYU Business professor, who said that “social justice warriors want diversity, but the one diversity they fear is diversity of thought.”

However, he said that liberals “are now waking up in massive numbers” to the regression from their traditional values.

When asked by Milo about whether he would consider voting for Trump, Rubin said he was “14%” of the way there to voting for him.

“For the thing I care about the most, the free speech stuff, this is where it is at with that, even if I don’t agree politically with everything,” he added.

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