Milo & Ann: Gays For Hillary Are Nuts


Conservative commentator Ann Coulter appears on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show this week to discuss the Clinton email scandal and why so many gay people still support the Democratic candidate. 

In the episode, which airs this Friday, Coulter said the results of a Clinton presidency would be similar to the results of decades of liberal domination in California, saying “look at California … California the state that produces Republican presidents like Nixon and Reagan, the Beach Boys and The Mamas & The Papas. It was the middle class capital of the world, now California is what this country will be. It’s great for the very rich and everybody else is poor. And they’re the servants, they serve the rich. Without Hollywood and Silicon Valley, other than the physical beauty of California, it would be a poor slum of Mexico.”

Milo replied to Coulter’s description of an America under Clinton rule, “It’s interesting that you mention culture with the Beach Boys and the surfing because it strikes me that one of Hillary’s biggest constituencies and this has always mystified me, I guess what it proves is that gays can be as dumb as everybody else.Why do gays vote for Hillary Clinton?”

“Maybe I haven’t been in America long enough, I don’t get why blacks vote for Hillary Clinton either, why they love her so much because she seems to not particularly have much to say to or about them at all. I mean Obama’s been a disaster for race relations but Hillary doesn’t strike me as someone that would do remarkably better at that. I never understood that, maybe you could tell me, Gays for Hillary, what is it about? Why do they do it?”

“I do have one theory although the numbers suggest that I could be wrong on this but I always thought there’s the real gays and the fake gays. By real gay what I mean is, you want to have sex with men, that’s the thing. Whereas I think there’s this other group and you could have been cutting yourself, you could have been joining the communist party, you just hate your father, hate civilisation, hate America and this is the way to really piss off dad.” said Coulter

Milo with a fitting analogy replied, “Well they’re kind of the male equivalent of coal burners right? The male equivalent of girls that bring home the black boyfriend. I have no idea if this term is considered racist by the language police so I’d encourage listeners not to repeat that.”


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