FULL TEXT: MILO At WCU On Feminism And Islam, The Unholy Alliance


Welcome to the Dangerous Faggot Tour. I’m Milo, the man you’ve all come here to see, and as long as none of you make eye contact with me or try to touch the hair, we will all get along fine.

This is a more intimate setting than many of my shows. It’s about the right size for an orgy, but I’m sure there are University rules against orgies breaking out. Also you’re mostly white guys, not my type.

I’ve recently given two speeches about philosophies dead set on destroying the American way of life.

The first was about the 10 things I hate about Islam, but it ended up being the 13 things I hate about Islam, 10 simply couldn’t cover it.

The second was how Feminism negatively affects everyone, but especially girls.

After delivering those two speeches, I couldn’t get them out of my mind. Let’s be honest, all of my speeches are great and I love not only reliving my own work, but they stand out as two of the important enemies that America is facing today.

Another thought struck me: many of the things we find disgusting about feminism and Islam are actually interchangeable.

Tonight I’d like to revisit a few of my most hated things about both Islam and Feminism, but as I speak, I want you to think about just how similar these ideologies actually are.

Feminism has formed an unholy alliance with Islam, one that must be resisted to keep not only our Universities free, but our culture too.

I quite like critiquing feminists, because they’re easier to outrun than Muslims if I upset them. But today we’re going to be brave, and critique both at the same time.

[SLIDE: Male Feminists and Male Muslims — Both Perverts]

Feminism is responsible for producing the pathetic, unlovable creature known as the “male feminist.”

These beta orbiting cucks proudly carry the feminist banner, because they look at joining the cause as their best hope to get laid. Why do you think so many male feminists turn out to be virgins, perverts or, more often, both?

It’s weird isn’t it, how perverts are drawn to an ideology that claims to be respectful and protective of the female gender. It’s like the infamous pedophile Jimmy Savile, who regularly donated to children’s charities. As well as providing him with victims, it gave him cover.

Islam, which claims to protect its women’s virtue and impose rules on its men, does exactly the same thing.

Muslim perversion is well-known. It’s not surprising really. After all, their prophet banged a 9-year old girl! And they have other … inclinations.

I could also talk about goats now, but that would be too easy. Instead, consider the plight of Europe, a continent now flooded with Muslims.

There’s Sweden, which now has rape numbers that actually do match feminist statistics. That happened after Muslim immigration.

Then there’s Germany, where thousands of women were assaulted on the streets after their genius Chancellor decided to invite millions of refugees across her country’s borders. Now those same refugees are violating women’s borders.

And Britain, where I come from, has Muslim rape gangs molesting and raping thousands of young women and underage girls. For years, the police ignored the problem because they didn’t want to be called racist.

Every immigrant group seeks a better life than the old country. All except Muslims, who seek to
create replicas of their hellhole countries in each new nation they colonise.

Islam is the only group that tells its members not “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” but rather, “When in Rome, demand benefits and rape people.”

The situation with regressive social attitudes from Muslims in Europe is getting so bad that Vlad The Impaler is acquiring a reputation as a folk hero.

I enjoy being abused, but only if it’s consensual. Muslim immigration is one of the main reasons I left Europe, and I advise women to do whatever I can to follow me. You see, Europe hasn’t solved the refugee crisis — they’ve just created a new one.

And where are the feminists? The feminists who think a mythical, made-up “rape culture” on college campuses is a real thing? Europe now has a real rape culture, but feminists don’t want to talk about it. That’s virtue-signalling for you folks. Talking about the made-up crimes of white college-age men gets you more social justice retweets than a real rape epidemic involving brown people.

Almost every effort to control speech and shut down either “abusive speech” or “hate speech” is a feminist project.

About 1 year ago, the United Nations suggested we censor the entire Internet to save feminist’s feelings.

They released a completely insane report called “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”.

Now, if I was writing a report on “cyber-violence,” I could do it in 140 characters, but someone infinitely more gifted already has.

The UN report itself contains a number of bizarre attempts to equate critical tweets on the internet with physical violence.

“A cyber-touch is recognised as equally as harmful as a physical touch” says the report. In their press release, UN Women claim that “cyber violence … places a premium on emotional bandwidth.”

Whatever the fuck “emotional bandwidth” is.

Anita Sarkeesian went before the UN and called for “laws” to deal with “harassment,” which she defined as being told to “shut up” on Twitter.

And speaking of Twitter, look what they did when they stacked their trust and safety council with these lunatics. They basically killed Twitter by embracing the nonsense idea of “online harassment.” And of course, by booting their most fabulous and entertaining user. All the while letting ISIS remain active on the platform.

Now to say that Islam has an issue with free speech would be like saying that feminists have an issue with calories: not only obvious but entirely true.

We know the horrific state of free speech in Muslim countries. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, China jailed the most journalists in 2015. But 9 of the next 11 countries with the most jailed journalists were Muslim countries. And speaking of 9/11 and Muslims being deadly, the top 7 deadliest countries for journalists are all more than 90% Muslim.

Turkey is supposedly the moderate Muslim country, the one we want to let into the EU. And under Muslim President Erdogan, it has turned into a free speech nightmare. Private newspapers have been seized. Erdogan has criminalized “insults” of himself not only within his own borders, but has attempted to crack down on those insulting him on YouTube and in Germany. Again: this is “moderate, secular Turkey.”

But it’s not just within Muslim countries that Islam and free speech butt heads.
In 2015 the Center for Security Policy commissioned a poll of Muslims in America. It found that 30% of American Muslims believe it is legitimate to use violence against those that insult Islam. And 33% said that sharia should take precedence over the constitution if they clashed. You know, the same constitution that stops feminists from putting you in jail for trolling people, like they do in Britain.

According to a Wenzel Strategies poll in 2012.

  • 58% of Muslim-Americans believe criticism of Islam or Muhammad is is not protected free speech under the First Amendment.
  • 45% believe that those who mock Islam should face criminal charges.
  • 12% believe blaspheming against Islam should be punishable by death.

The entire world loves Malala, the Nobel Prize winning champion of education for girls. But look at her opinion, which passes in the media as moderate: “The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create.”

So Malala’s opinion is if we all just shut up and did what Islam wants, which is to submit, they wouldn’t need to shoot us, stab us, or blow us up.

That’s the general sentiment of non-Muslim Americans toward criticism of Islam: “Don’t criticize Islam too harshly, or they might kill you.” That is not an attitude conducive to freedom. That is an attitude of authoritarianism. That was the attitude held by German citizens under Hitler. That was the attitude held by Soviet citizens under Stalin.

We hear a lot about moderate Muslims, but in practice we don’t see them. All the moderate Muslims I know are ex-Muslims, or haven’t been to Friday prayers for months, or even years.

London has elected a Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is praised as a moderate But many have been left wondering just how moderate he is.

Khan banned sexy advertisements from the underground like the famous Protein World ads.

Was this move really to combat body shaming, like feminists wanted? Or was it to make the underground more shariah-compliant?

It is another one of these instances where feminism and Islam are right in line with one another on women’s rights. The same posters banned by Sadiq Khan were protested by feminist activists who also wanted them banned. When it comes to sexy women, feminists and Islam both want the same thing.

It’s weird isn’t it, that a religion where the men are so perverted is also a religion that tries to make women less sexy. But I guess it’s not so surprising — instead of encouraging men to control themselves, Islam has instead for generations been telling women to cover up.

There’s a slight difference with feminism here — feminists absolutely do want to control men, by any means possible. But they also want to control women.

That’s why they told women to become lesbians in the 1970s in order to stick it to the patriarchy, it’s why they lash out at women in the sex industry, and it’s why they’ve developed a movement — “fat acceptance” — that hates attractive women.

Still, the results are the same. Islam, a killjoy religion, considers alcohol, drugs, and, in the case of ISIS, even cigarettes to be “haram.”

Feminism, a killjoy ideology, is trying to shut down frat parties, college game days, and drunken romantic trysts because it considers them to be part of “rape culture.” Different excuses, same result.

I suppose the key difference is that Islam hates sexy women, whereas fat, lesbianic feminists just hate sex. But there’s one thing that they both clearly hate — other people having fun.

Now, Islam’s hatred of the west barely needs an introduction. It is one of the defining realities of our time. In Europe, after the suicidal decision to open the floodgates to Islam, ordinary citizens have faced terror attack after terror attack from crazed jihadis.

As always, the media tries to avoid mentioning the attackers’ origins. A Muslim kills people in Germany? Just a “Tanned German.” A Muslim drives a truck through tourists in France, killing more than 50? Just a runaway truck attack.

The terror attacks have died down, for now, but last summer, it seemed as if the west was being attacked every week.

I’ll be generous and say feminists don’t hate the west quite as much as Muslims do. Not that the Weather Underground and other progressive groups didn’t commit their fair share of terrorist attacks. But those guys are peaceful university professors now, so that’s OK!

Still, the loathing that feminists and other progressives have for the west, especially in the academy, is eerily similar to Islam.

Here’s a feminist professor doing something that would make Muslims cry tears of joy — take a look.


That’s right. She’s taking down 9/11 memorial posters, on 9/11 memorial day. Her name is Margot Lovett, and she teaches women’s studies and history at Saddleback College.

The same professor once wrote that 9/11 was the result of “U.S imperialism.” She also endorsed a statement from the Black Radical Congress which blamed 9/11 on the “genocidal levels of death and destruction” caused by the west.

That’s a professor at a western college, folks. Oh, and by the way, she makes over $170,000 in pay and benefits annually. And part of that is taxpayer funded.

Feminism and Islam are the twin problems facing America today, which is why they are the two things I talk about most.

As students on campus, you deal with the negative effects of feminism in the administration, in the classroom, and of course online.

America hasn’t yet felt the full effects of Islam. Terror attacks like the Pulse nightclub shooting are terrible — and preventable — tragedies, but you will know what I mean if it reaches the point of London, where you don’t feel safe in your home city.

Let alone France, which is now full of no-go zones and should be crossed off your tourist bucket list unless you love rape culture and immigrants openly defecating in the street.

The good news is we continue to make great strides in the culture war. Many of you are not afraid to be on campus and let people know you support Donald Trump and the dangerous faggot.

Many of you aren’t even afraid to say you support equality between the sexes, the worst nightmare of feminists and Muslims.


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