MILO: ‘You’d Think Jill Stein Would Use $12 Million to Make Flint’s Water Less Green, But No It’s All About Her’

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Breitbart Senior Editor, MILO appeared at Michigan State University tonight giving a speech about Islam titled “Reclaiming Constantinople,” where he discussed Islam’s warlike history with the west, and the multiple attempts of Muslim empires to conquer the European continent.

Speaking about Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein and her recent demand for a recount of all presidential votes MILO said, “That brings us to the most interesting election news in the State of Michigan… Jill Stein’s recount effort. Jill Stein is a crazy old bird who apparently ran for President of the United States this year. She got 50,000 votes in the state of Michigan, but somehow has the right to waste up to $12 million dollars of the state’s money for a recount.”

“My research team tells me that Jill is part of the Green party.” MILO continued, “You’d think she’d want that $12 million used to make Flint’s water less green, but no, it’s all about her. She saw Bernie Sanders’ cash-in when he caved in to Hillary Clinton, and she wanted a piece of the action too. Is she still collecting donations? I wonder how fat her bank account is now?”

“Of course they will not find any fraud with Trump voters, this entire effort is to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt into the American psyche as we approach the inauguration of Trump and the end of the Obama era of failure. The six days of recounts in Wisconsin have netted a total of zero votes for Hillary, and according to the Detroit News, over half of Detroit’s votes may be ineligible for recounts.”

“Turns out those corpses in the street that voted for Hillary couldn’t be counted the 2nd time around.” said MILO.

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch the full event below.


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