MILO: ‘Latino Identities Are Confused, They’re Like Geographic Trannies”


Breitbart Senior editor MILO appeared at the University of New Mexico today to deliver his immigration policy speech entitled, “Americans Deserve Borders”, where the Dangerous Faggot ripped into illegal immigrants, the hijab and the threat of Islam.

Discussing the recent trend of fake hate crimes following Trump’s election and the identity crisis that Latino people face in America, MILO said, “Why would all of these fake attacks be devised in such a way to illustrate our differences? I will tell you the answer — these social activists with their horribly regressive social attitudes about women and gays and intolerance for non-Muslims have no interest in assimilation.”

MILO continued, “Latinos face different challenges in assimilation. For one thing, their identity is confused. You might think of them as geographic trannies.”

“A 2011 Pew Research Center survey of Latinos in America showed just 20% of them think of themselves as American. Only 24% of them think of themselves as Latino. A whopping 51% think of themselves according to their national origin, whether it is Mexico or Brazil. According to this survey, saying Latino is a bit like saying LGBT, plus whatever other letters they’ve added on this week.”

“Gays and lesbians don’t really think alike at all, but always get lumped together. To say nothing of the offensive association with mentally ill crossdressers. It’s the same with Latinos. According to that survey 7 out of 10 Latinos don’t believe there is a common Latino culture. That’s because the whole thing is a liberal confection.”

“The other challenge with Latinos is language. The book “We Wanted Workers” by George Borjas makes the argument that recent immigrants are learning English more slowly than previous immigrants thanks to the rise of ethnic enclaves. Now before you start thinking that is coming from a right wing think tank or evil right wing blog, Borjas is a Professor at Harvard — not exactly a hotbed of conservatism. And he is a Cuban immigrant as well.”

“Immigrant Latinos are assimilating slower than they used to, because they don’t have to. Is there a government form anywhere in the US that isn’t available in Spanish?”

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MILO’s events are normally livestreamed via YouTube however livestreaming capabilities were disabled on MILO’s account earlier today. The speech will be posted in full on MILO’s YouTube account after the event.

Written from prepared remarks. 


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