Libertarian Party Chairman Repeats Lie About MILO Outing Illegals At Berkeley

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The current national chairman of the U.S. Libertarian Party, Nicholas Sarwark, repeated on Facebook the false claim that MILO planned to read out the names of “undocumented” students at UC Berkeley, something that MILO had already denied.

George Ciccariello was the first person to claim that MILO was planning this:

MILO responded to Ciccariello’s tweet on his Facebook shortly afterwards. “This is a total fabrication. A complete lie. I had no intention of doing so. Watch out for the old ‘reliable sources’ – very often a sign you’re being lied to,” he wrote. However, this did not stop Sarwark from repeating it on his page.

Sarwark did not mention MILO by name, referring to him only as a “gentleman who was scheduled to speak at a University of California campus.” He decried MILO’s fabricated potential actions as “despicable behaviour,” and even argued that it helped “why others made the choice to use violence to try to stop or disrupt his speech.”

Sarwark went on to say that the only thing more despicable is that “we have a government that will forcibly remove peaceful people from our country because they were born on the wrong side of an imaginary line.” He then went on to claim in the comments that “the point holds whether the rumors are correct or not.”

Unfortunately for Sarwark, not every libertarian agrees with him, and he faced significant backlash in the comments. Shane Trejo thanked God that “Milo is not a coward like so many Libertarians clearly are… because of smug full-of-shit pussies like Nicholas Sarwark, no self-respecting person can call even publicly themselves a libertarian these days without feeling embarrassed.”

Another user agreed: “It seems like ‘libertarian,’ for many, is just a code word for social justice warrior.”

Prominent libertarians also have contradicting views to Sarwark on the concept of open borders itself. Ron Paul, beloved by libertarians in both the LP and Republican party, has argued for the abolishing of birthright citizenship. Hans Herman Hoppe, Murray Rothbard’s protege, noted that open borders are an infringement on private property rights, and that people should be “physically removed” from a society if they provide a threat to the libertarian way of life.

Other libertarians raise the issue of the social ramifications of permitting mass immigration from cultures that are not friendly to libertarian ideals. “Would we have allowed thousands of Bolsheviks to emigrate during the Cold War?” asks libertarian commentator Lauren Southern. “I don’t think we would, because we knew they didn’t believe in a free society.” In her video, Southern applies the analogy to argue against Muslim immigration from a libertarian perspective. 

MILO’s provided a short response to Sarwark’s post: “this idiot should stick to what libertarians actually know about — weed, Bitcoin and hacking — and leave slanderous rumor where it belongs. On CNN.”

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Jack Hadfield is a student at the University of Warwick and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @ToryBastard_, on Gab @JH or email him at


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