Cat Marnell Defends Simon & Schuster’s Decision to Publish ‘Neocon Kardashian’ MILO


Cat Marnell, author of the recently published memoir How To Murder Your Life, has defended Simon & Schuster’s decision to publish Dangerous, the upcoming book by MILO.

Marnell’s memoir is published by Simon & Schuster, the same publishers who are handling MILO’s bestselling book, Dangerous. Whereas other authors under the Simon & Schuster banner have denounced MILO for being the “voice of hate that stirs its followers to emotional, verbal, and physical violence directed at anyone who disagrees or speaks to the contrary,” Marnell has said that she is “all about free speech.”

“MILO likes being polarizing like Kanye or Kim Kardashian—in fact he’s the neocon Kardashian!” Marnell told HeatStreet. Marnell continued, noting that she was a big supporter of the first amendment, “and unfortunately that extends to racism and offensive things which is disgusting but if it’s not in the dialogue then it’s a secret and we can’t talk about it.”

Marnell went on to say that she though MILO was “very charming and very funny… there’s something punk rock about him… for better or worse he’s on a wave – a bad wave!” Marnell claimed however that she could not stand up for MILO, because he said “all those racist things,” even though MILO has repeatedly come out against racism, white supremacy, and identity politics in any form.

She finished by saying that even though she would not buy a copy of Dangerous for herself, if she “got one for free from Simon & Schuster,” she would read it.

DANGEROUS is available to pre-order now via Amazon, in hardcover and Kindle editions. And yes, MILO is reading the audiobook version himself! 

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