WATCH: Kenosha Rioters Hurl Bottles, Shoot Fireworks at National Guard

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot industrial strength fireworks and hurled dozens of bottles and other objects at National Guard troops who were stationed in front of a courthouse.

The Guardsmen were called in by Governor Tony Evers to help local authorities quell an explosion of violence that beset the city after an officer-involved shooting of a black man on Sunday afternoon. By Monday evening, the Guardsmen were in place and helping to secure several local facilities.

Some time before 11 PM local time, the contingent of National Guard troops defending the courthouse came under intense attack from well over 100 rioters who pelted them with bottles and shot fireworks at them.


Rioters did not exclusively attack courthouses and government buildings on Monday night. Arsonists also targeted local businesses located in residential neighborhoods.

Some business owners and, reportedly, even some protesters, used firearms to dissuade arsonists and looters from damaging the local shops and stores.

The violence sweeping across Kenosha was triggered by an incident earlier on Sunday where police officers responding to a domestic incident shot a black man seven times in the back as he refused a lawful order to stop and attempted to gain entry to a vehicle.


Violence and looting quickly spread as hundreds of looters descended on the city. Numerous businesses were burned, including several large car dealerships where dozens of vehicles were destroyed.

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